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Day In The Life Of... Stu and Ruckus

Meet one of our PawSwap members in Downtown Vancouver, Stu and his pup Ruckas!


Ruckus is in her Tenth revolution around the sun and is fun, playful and full of life. This feisty girl is always on a mission to live up to her name. Ruckus is a purebred red Boston Terrier born with heterochromia iridis which resulted in a golden right eye and a blue left eye. Comfort is a priority for Ruckus, she will wrap herself up in her blankets or a stolen hoodie and snooze for hours.

Stu and Ruckus can...

Take care of dogs while people are at work

Take care of dogs on weekends

Take care of dogs in the evenings or overnight

Take care of dogs over holidays or when someone is on vacation

Does your pup need a weekend playmate? Learn more about a typical day in the life of Ruckas...

How do you and Ruckas usually start your mornings?

The first noise I wake up to is usually the sound of Ruckus quietly snorting beside my bed in an effort to get my attention, she usually tries to wake me about 10 minutes before my alarm. As I get out of bed Ruckus leads me directly to the kitchen where I make my morning coffee and feed her breakfast.

What does an average day look like for you two?

The average day for Ruckus and I starts with a nice morning stroll if the weather is pleasant, if it is cold or rainy Ruckus would much rather stay indoors with her bones or toys. She likes to play fetch but not outside. Her favourite place to be is the beach or going for a hike up a local mountain, weather permitting of course.

Are there any activities you do where your pup can't join?

Ruckus comes to help me at the office every now and then if I am so lucky. (PawSwappers, help out Ruckus' Dad on the days he can't bring her to work)

What do you and Ruckas get up to on weekends?

The usual weekend for Ruckus and I is very much like an average day, we try to go explore and see as much of the world as possible, she has places to go and things to see.

The weekend is when I often get most of my errands completed and Ruckus is more than happy to be my copilot to make sure we stay on track and get everything done as quickly as possible so she can get home for a treat or two before cozying up in her bed.

What do you and Ruckus love about PawSwap?

Pawswap makes it easy for Ruckus to meet new friends and find someone to hang out with if I am away!

Does Stu and Ruckus sound like the perfect owner/dog duo to swap with?


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