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Day In The Life Of... Nadine and Furnando

Meet one of our PawSwap members in Yaletown, Nadine and her pup Furnando!


Furnando (who goes by Furdi or Furdaniel) just turned 3 and is a fluffy cuddle-bum! He has a gentle, calm energy, but also loves running through the woods and smelling everything along the way.

Nadine and Furdi can...

Take care of dogs while people are at work

Take care of dogs on weekends

Take care of dogs in the evenings or overnight

Take care of dogs over holidays or when someone is on vacation

Does your pup need a buddy while you're at work? Learn more about a typical day in the life of Furdi...

How do you and Furdi usually start your mornings?

When I show signs of life Furdi snorts and tail wags his way up to my face for a few minutes of morning snuggles but he loves to sleep in so it’s his way of trying to make me stay in bed. Our first order of business is a cup of green tea and the seawall, rain or shine! We see a lot of the same faces every morning so our days always start with happy greetings as we make our way from the bottom of Davie to George Wainborn Park and home again before breakfast!

What does an average day look like for you two?

I’m incredibly fortunate to work from home so after our morning walk or run (depending on the day) it's gym time and then settling into my home office for work. He makes a cameo on most of my WebEx meetings because he sits in my lap for 90% of the day and pops his head up from time to time

At lunch, we usually just have a quick loop around Yaletown with a stop at Emery Barnes Park and then it’s back to business.

I try to break from work with enough time to hit Kits dog beach because it’s our happy place and most nights we meet up with some friends for some social time.

Pst: PawSwappers, add Nadine as a friend on the PawSwap App so she receives your notifications when you need a hand!

What do you and Furdi get up to on weekends?

Our weekends almost always include a trip to the north shore or pacific spirit park for trail runs and some fresh air. A weekend is also not complete without some bestie time with @indypitstop!

Because I work from home, we tend to be very social during the evening and weekends to help with cabin fever! Lucky for us, all of our friends have dogs and most times, the pups are included.

Are there any activities you do where your pup can't join?

I love going to live shows: concerts, theatre, galleries! I’m also a bit of a gym rat but Furdi tucks himself into bed around 8pm so he doesn’t mind kicking it at home when I go train.

(PawSwappers, help out Furdi's mom when she wants to hit the gym early or have an evening out!)

What do you and Furdi love about PawSwap?

We love the meet-ups and most recently, we met a new pal who just lost her fur baby to take care of Furdi when I travel. I travel quite a bit for work and even though our friends all love to have the extra company, for longer trips it’s nice to have someone who’s just all about Furnando that will love him like I do when I’m away.

Does Nadine and Furnando sound like the perfect owner/dog duo to swap with?


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