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Day In The Life Of... Brittany and Maisie.

Meet one of our PawSwap members in Yaletown, Brittany and her pup Maisie!


Maisie is a rescue from Houston, Texas. She is very shy when you first meet her, but once she is comfortable with you, she is the sweetest and friendliest dog! Maisie is always happy to make new dog friends and loves running around with them! When she's not doing that, you can usually find Maisie taking a nap in her moms...or as Maisie likes to think "her" bed.

Brittany and Maisie can...

Take care of dogs while people are at work

Take care of dogs on weekends

Take care of dogs in the evenings or overnight

Take care of dogs over holidays or when someone is on vacation

Would your pup love to play with Maisie while you're away for the weekend or on vacay? Learn more about a typical day in the life of Maisie...

How do you and Maisie usually start your mornings?

The first thing we do when we wake up, after cuddles of course, is go outside for our morning walk. If it is raining it can be hard to get Maisie out of bed! A treat usually helps to get her get up and motivated for the day!

What does an average day look like for you two?

My days revolve around Maisie (and that's the way we both like it)! She is never alone for more than about 4 hours, and I make sure my schedule can accommodate that. After our morning walk, I usually head off to work or to class and she stays home and catches up on her beauty rest. We do another afternoon walk which usually involves a dog park and lunch on the go! Sometimes she will come back to the office with me for the rest of the afternoon, but other times she seems content to stay at home. She can be a little bit of a lazy diva at times. Once I am home for the evening we head off to the dog park (again) - sometimes a different one than we visited in the afternoon. She always loves to visit the Kits dog beach as an alternative, and it is a nice long walk on non-rain days! Finally, we come home and have dinner. She usually eats her own and at least half of mine. After our bellies are full we watch something on TV and cuddle up. Then we do one more quick pee-pee walk before bed!

Are there any activities you do where your pup can't join?

The only places you won't find Maisie by my side is when I head off to yoga or go out for a meal with friends. However, my friends are used to me suggesting takeout so that Maisie doesn't feel left out. If I have a busy weekend ahead, it is nice to have that extra help when working and getting ready for exams! That is when PawSwap comes in handy! (PawSwappers, this is a chance to earn Treats aka our points program and swap with Maisie!)

What do you and Maisie get up to on weekends?

Our weekend activities are usually weather dependent. You can usually find us out for a seawall walk, driving out to the country or to a fun hiking spot, playing at dog beach or a dog park, or enjoying some kind of takeout on the couch! We are also big nap enthusiasts. Our favourite weekends are the ones when we can get away to our Lake House. There is nothing up there but acres for Maisie to run around on and enjoy...there are also a few "scary" cows up there if you were to ask her!

What is a cute memory that you share with Maisie?

Maisie is a rescue, when I brought her home she would not come out of her crate, and so I let her stay where she was comfortable and left the crate door open. I still wasn't able to get close to her, so I just curled up on the other side of the coffee table across from her. That is where we slept that first night. Between falling in and out of sleep that night, she would walk over to me when she thought I was sleeping and would give me a good sniff. At first she would sniff just my hand, or just my toes, and then run back to her side of the coffee table. Finally, once she knew it was safe (or thought I was in a comma) she gave me a good sniffing from head to toe. Eventually throughout the night, she started inching closer to me as she became more comfortable. By the morning she was right beside me snuggled up, and we have been each others best friends ever since.

(PawSwappers, how cute is this!!! Two paws up for Brittany being an amazing rescue dog mom 🙌)

What do you and Maisie love about PawSwap?

Pawswap is a great way for Maisie to become aquatinted with other dogs and people. She can be very shy and it usually takes time for her to be comfortable around new people and dogs, so the meetups are perfect for introductions.

Does Brittany and Maisie sound like the perfect owner/dog duo to swap with?


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