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Dating with a dog ain’t easy, and these Vancouver women agree

Dog lovers share all-too-familiar stories of finding love with a furry one in tow

As if dating isn’t hard enough. It’s even tougher when you accept our great truth - dogs are a dealbreaker when it comes to love.

It may be odd for guys to understand that our pups are family, but dating is especially troublesome for you, when it’s inconceivable to have a partner who doesn't love dogs.

Studies show that over 75% of dog owners consider their pet’s “opinion” when choosing a partner. Here, the dog isn’t just smelling him on the first date, the dog is sniffing him out for final approval.

Doggie dating woes are so common, entire movie plots like Must Love Dogs and Dog Park portray these troubled tales. Dog lover dating apps like Tindog, Dig, and FetchaDate come and go, but never really solve the problem that loving a man and a dog at the same time requires extra work.

Let’s be clear…women don’t ask too much from a potential partner. Just that they enjoy fur all over their things, surprising smells, your special pet voice, walking with bags of poop, and the fact that you kiss your dog on the lips after he licks himself. What’s the problem?

Local dog-loving women recently opened up to OhMyDog! with their hilarious and all-too-common dating challenges.

Well, That’s Pawkward

“My 80-pound dog once stepped on a guy’s pee-pee while trying to come sit in between us on the couch. Part of me believes it was on purpose.”

  • Monika Chan, Vancouver

Photo courtesy of Monika Chan

It’s Simple, Fellas

“OMG I was on a second date and this guy literally asks me if I can RETURN MY PUPPER and get a poodle-mix instead! On a different note, I had some friends over for games night, and got asked out by three of them. But the one human who spent a significant amount of time playing with my dog is the one I gave a chance to. Don’t ignore the doggo, fellas!”

  • Jul Avila, Vancouver

The Nerve!

“My dog, Hogarth, is a rescue from Korea who is very sweet but shy with newcomers. So when he never really warmed up to my ex, I always kind of figured it was his nerves. In the end, it turns out Hogarth’s instincts were spot on and my ex wasn’t a great guy at all. Despite breaking things off in a horrible manner, he still had the audacity to suggest that he could still hang out with my dog after our break up! The nerve! You don’t get to break up with me and still hang out with my dog!”

  • Jus Percy, Vancouver

Photo courtesy of Jus Percy

Boundaries Please

Just imagine…your dog wants to play when you’re trying to ‘Netflix and Chill’. Lesson learned the hard way! My date was so understanding and good about it, but I was so embarrassed!

  • Nesreen Ali

Barf Baromter

“I had a guy tell me if we were to start dating, my dog wouldn’t be allowed on the bed and would be expected to spend most of his time outside. I quickly unmatched with him.

When trying to curl up and watch a movie with a guy, my dog is right in between us. I’ve even had him throw up on my ex-boyfriend’s pants twice! That was one way to find out if they are into you or not.”

  • Alysha Parker, Vancouver

Dogs are Dealbreakers

“Anytime I hug anyone, Kuki gets so excited and thinks it's a group hug. He doesn't want to be left out. Which is cute with hugs, but eliminates the possibility of any sort of make-out session! My priorities have shifted a lot since I got my dog. Now, either having a dog or at least loving dogs is a non-negotiable.”

  • Ashli Atkins

Photo courtesy of Ashli Atkins

Acceptance is the Key

“I bring my dog on all my first dates, and if they ignore her or seem indifferent… there is no second date. My dog has severe separation anxiety so I don’t do many things without her. This makes it extremely challenging to date, as I don’t go out for dinner or go to the movies unless I have someone watching her. I’m sure this has ruined more than one potential relationship, but she is my priority and if the person doesn’t get that, they won’t understand me.

  • Angelina Kwast, Vancouver

It Can Be Done!

“I swiped right because of his dog and now we are living together for 2.5 years and just adopted a puppy together.”

  • Hannah Ip


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