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Daring rescue by transit officer reunites B.C. dog with family after 5 days missing in stolen car

Husky-cross Kali is now safe and healthy at home 5 days after elderly owner's SUV was stolen from Coquitlam car park with dog inside.

Cst Steed. suffered cuts to her arm during the rescue of 11-year-old dog Kali | CQ RCMP

A husky that was stolen in an SUV from a Coquitlam car park has been reunited with her “very grateful” family after a daring rescue by a Transit Police officer.

11-year-old Husky-cross Kali was in the back of her owner’s SUV while he shopped at Bosley’s in the Burquitlam Plaza on August 26th when someone stole the car - with Kali still inside.

A desperate appeal followed, with her owner’s son, Eric Mills, pleading on Facebook for help along with an RCMP public appeal.

After being missing for five days, both Kali and her owner’s SUV were spotted by Transit Police officer Cst. Steed in Emerson Street, Coquitlam.

Believing Kali to have been left in the car for multiple days, Cst. Steed - pictured with Kali - shattered the car window to rescue the husky, suffering cuts to her arms and hand in the process, which were later treated at hospital.

Kali survived her five-day long ordeal after eating through a large bag of dry dog food that her owner had left in the car with her - a lucky chance that saved her life.

Sergeant Clint Hampton, Media Relations Officer for Metro Vancouver Transit Police, said: “When Kali was brought home to her owner she appeared to be healthy and in good spirits. She had a bite to eat and lots of water, she was very happy to be home.”

Sgt Hampton said the suspect was not found with the vehicle and Coquitlam RCMP are still investigating the theft of the SUV.

11-year-old Kali is home safe after 5-day ordeal | Facebook: Eric Mills

RCMP Media Relations Officer Cst. Deanna Law said: “The family and all officers involved are happy that Kali is now safe at home and doing very well. Stories like this put a smile on everyone’s face.”

She added her owner was “very grateful” to the public and police for helping get Kali home.

Once Kali was found, Mr Mills posted an update on Facebook, saying: “Kali is now home, safe, and healthy. I cannot express the gratitude for this community, thank you so much for the support and help you provided over the last week. The shares, posts, and messages were all very valuable.

“Thank you to the Metro Vancouver Transit Police for reuniting our family with Kali.”


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