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Day In The Life Of... Carly and Olive

Meet a member of the PawSwap Team, Carly and her pup Olive, our #WoofCrushWednesday Duo!


Olive is a spicy 1.5 year old Dachshund x Bichon. Don't let those short little legs fool you, this girl can run and truly believes, after being mistaken for a Golden Retriever puppy one too many times, that she is indeed a 50lb+ dog. Olive enjoys the beach, car rides (as long as her mom is the passenger so she can cuddle on her lap), and a good ol' fashion game of fetch. Though her social game is strong, Olive won't turn down a quiet night, which includes cuddling on the couch and watching a movie (or the Bachelor, like mother like daughter).

Carly and Olive can...

Take care of dogs while people are at work

Take care of dogs on weekends

Take care of dogs in the evenings or overnight

Take care of dogs over holidays or when someone is on vacation

Does your pup need a buddy while you're on vacay? Learn more about a typical day in the life of Olive...

How do you and Olive usually start your mornings?

Olive and her dad are the early risers in our household. So I let them have their morning father/daughter time by going on a walk and having a morning coffee. I usually get my wake-up call at around 7:30am, which consists of Olive jumping on the bed and licking my face until I wake up. Olive usually has an hour of playtime before she realizes that early mornings take a toll on you, and she lays down for her morning nap. This is when I can get some work done with no Olive distraction!

Can Olive join you at work?

Joining the PawSwap Team was all for the love of Olive. I'm so fortunate to work for a company that truly cares about pets and the well-being of dogs. I'm able to work remotely a lot of the time, and those times I go into the office, Olive usually prefers to stay at home with her dad cause there is a much better chance she will get to the dog park that way.

Are there activities where Olive can't join?

My Fiancé and I (Olive's Dad) love to take weekend trips. Though we try our best to always make them pet-friendly, some of the places we want to cross off the bucket just don't allow pets. This is where PawSwap comes in handy for our family. We are always looking for families who have weekends off and don't mind having a little four-legged guest for a couple days and earning themselves some points!

What does an average day look like for you two?

Once our morning routine is done, I spend majority of my day working on PawSwap! Olive is super lucky because her Dad's work schedule allows him to have summers off. This means lots of walks and play time for Olive. For me, this usually means either head to the office or a coffee shop unless I need some Olive inspired ideas for a PawSwap project. Once my work day is over we usually make some dinner and either cozy up on the couch or go for a nightly stroll (really depends how lazy Olive and I are feeling, we are usually on the same page).

What do you two get up to on weekends?

We love exploring as a family on the weekends. Whether we are out at a beach, on a hike, or visiting family and friends, we like to try and keep busy! Olive loves going to her grandma and grandpa's house out in Harrison Hot Springs, because even though she is a city girl, running around a big backyard is one of her favourite activities. Olive is also currently in the process of learning how to swim and with the nicer weather we will be trying to hit a lot more beaches and lakes.

Why do you and Olive love PawSwap?

I actually started attending PawSwap Meet-ups before I worked for PawSwap. I loved the idea of getting owners and dogs together to play and interact with each other. There are so many social groups in the city, but if I'm being honest, my biggest hobby is my dog so I wanted to attend Meet-ups that focused on being a pet parent. Once I started working for PawSwap I realized the true demand for more affordable pet sitting and the lack of social interaction at dog parks! With living on Vancouver Island for a while, I forgot how socially awkward us Vancouverites can be. I love that PawSwap Meet-ups gets people talking, mingling, and getting to know each other. The ability to add people as a friend on the app really takes the pressure off people. Of course, Olive is just living her best life while all this is happening, running around and making new friends.

Do Carly and Olive sound like the perfect owner/dog duo to swap with?


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