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Canadian pet food brand launches all-natural protein bar for dogs on the go

A convenient, nutritious protein snack bar for dogs, perfect for every adventure.

For years, healthy protein bars have been the perfect snack for humans on the go, and now thanks to a Canadian pet food brand, there's a new all-natural protein bar snack designed exclusively for our four-legged-friends.

Kabo, Canada’s fastest growing fresh dog food delivery brand kicked off National Pet Month with the launch of Monch Bar - an all-natural protein snack bar individually wrapped for maximum freshness and perfect for the on-the-go lifestyle with your dog. If you’re a pet parent looking for an all-natural alternative to store bought processed treats for your pup, then this new launch could be exactly what you've been waiting for, as the Kabo team has used locally-sourced, natural ingredients in these new protein bars. When formulating the to-go snack bars Canine Nutrition Scientist, Andrea Geiger, chose locally sourced, allergy-friendly protein options - salmon, duck and lamb - that would provide a suitable choice for any dog. Each bar includes natural ingredients such as oatmeal and turmeric to reduce inflammation in joints and aid in digestion.

Nutritious for them, convenient for you

Filled with fibre, digestible protein and antioxidants to help keep dogs full and energized for any adventure, these easy-tear, mess-free, individually wrapped bars easily fit in your pocket and make packing a snack for your pup extremely easy for dog parents.

"The demand of domestic travel continues to surge and Monch Bars make it that much easier to travel with your dog,” says Vino Jeyapalan, CEO and Co-Founder of Kabo. “I kept wondering why I could pick up an RXBar or Clif Bar for a healthy snack on-the-go, but nothing quite like that for my dog.”

Before hitting the shelves, Monch Bars will be available throughout National Pet Month via Indiegogo, starting at $2 each at with shipments going out this summer.

If you're interested in trying these new protein bars, OhMyDog! readers can click here to get an exclusive 40% off a Taster Pack, or if you'd prefer to order a 12-pack of Monch Bars, you can get 40% off by clicking here So whether it's a short walk in the park, a long hike or anything in between, these individually wrapped nutritious treats are guaranteed to get your pup's tail wagging.


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