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Vancouver dog apparel brand launches new give-back campaign to help dogs in need

Woof Concept's Buy 1 Give 1 campaign aims to donate over $10,000 to Canadian rescue shelters throughout May.

As May marks both National Rescue Dog Day and National Adopted Dog Day, a Vancouver-based dog apparel company is celebrating with a month-long give-back campaign to help shelter dogs in need. For the entire month of May, Woof Concept will be donating one product back to a shelter for every order placed on their website, with the company aiming to donate over $10,000 worth of product to all of the animal shelters that have partnered with them for this special campaign. As Woof Concept was inspired by the founder's own two rescue dogs, French bulldogs Pedro and Marjorie, who were both saved from overseas puppy mills through adoption agencies, this cause has always been close to the hearts of this local company, who regularly emphasize the importance of giving back to those who are still in search of their forever homes.

“Safety should not be a luxury item, it should be a necessity,” says Andy Song, founder of Woof Concept. “Shelters should always have quality products at hand to provide their rescues, and although we’ve continuously been giving back through financial donations, for this month we want to push the industry forward and to leave an even greater impact on local shelters that do so much for animals who just need a second chance of a loving home.” Combining urban style with functionality catered towards city needs since its establishment in 2016, Woof Concept aims to bridge the gap between human and dog apparel. Driven to create stylish yet functional dog leashes in the forefront, Woof Concept remains true to its roots and values and continues to donate back to animals in need residing in local shelters across Canada.

Helping dogs in need

For this campaign, Woof Concept has partnered with 8 animal shelters across Canada who rescue both locally and across seas, including Finding Them Homes, Furever Freed Dog Rescue Society, Helpaws, Loved at Last Dog Rescue, Niagara Dog Rescue, Paws of the North Rescue, Save a Life BC and Toronto Humane Society.

A rescue dog 'rep' from each of the animal shelters involved in campaign.

Due to the financial impacts of COVID-19, rescue shelters have been flooded with an influx of animals entering their care, and need help more than ever. With the month-long Buy 1 Give 1 campaign, Woof Concept, along with the 8 local rescue shelters involved, are hoping that with the public's support this month, animals in shelters can be provided with the essential items that they require for their overall health and safety. "These donations not only provide the shelters with resources, but it allows them to prioritize their funds for a certain amount of time to be directed to even more important aspects of their business, such as medical costs and rehabilitation sessions for the dogs they rescue," said the company in a press release. Reactions on social media have been very supportive since the campaign began earlier this week, with one of the rescue organizations involved commenting, "On behalf of all of us at Helpaws, THANK YOU for what you are doing for rescues and animal welfare non-profits. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to partner with you and all these wonderful other organizations." To get involved, and find out more information about how the campaign works, here.


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