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Bridging The Gap Between Fun and Functionality

There’s no doubt about it: dogs love going on walks. As soon as you say the word “walk,” your dog’s heart begins racing, her tail starts to wag, and she probably rushes toward the door. Walks are fun for us, too. Nothing makes dog parents happier than providing our pups with a fun, exciting, and safe experience which is why your walking gear matters!


When it’s time for a walk, your dog’s leash, collar, and harness are important, and choosing the right ones can be quite the task. While the dog collar is by far one of the most popular dog products, many owners have been moving towards using harnesses, instead. If you’ve been considering if a harness is a better option for your dog, we’ve got an answer for you.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Dog Collars

Collars are great for many reasons. They allow fur-parents to easily let their pups out for a quick bathroom break, they provide a place to hang ID and vaccination tags, and of course, they are a cute accessory!

However, for longer walks, and if your pup is still learning leash-etiquette, collars alone aren't necessarily the best option. Collars can cause strain on your pup’s neck and spine if used incorrectly. For certain breeds, like Bulldogs, collars can sometimes slip right off, because they have virtually no neck!

Using just a collar for long walks over the course of your dog’s life can lead to issues like:

  • Spine issues

  • Chaffing

  • Throat injury

  • Breathing issues

That is why we always suggest a collar and harness combo! But the options that big box stores have to offer can be boring or poor in quality. When shopping for a harness, you want to make sure you’re choosing one that will last and keep your pup happy for years of happy walks.

5 Qualities to Look for When Shopping for the Perfect Harness

All dogs have unique builds. From short-legged Corgis to tall, thin Greyhounds, our best friends come in all shapes and sizes. The right harness is a necessary investment, no matter how big or small your best friend is. So, how can you choose a harness that will properly fit your dog, provide the control you need on walks, and help your dog feel and stay comfortable?

1. Safety comes first. With so much variation in dogs’ sizes and body build, make sure you choose a harness your dog won’t squeeze out of. You also want to be able to put your dog into her harness quickly and easily without applying pressure to her joints.

2. Choose a clip location that works best for you and your pup. A front clip provides a bit more control for dogs who pull, but a back-clip prevents your dog from tripping over her leash all the time.

3. Choose a material and thickness that works for your dog. Materials that are too stiff or heavy can cause skin irritation. Usually, lightweight breathable materials work well for most dogs.

4. Padded or unpadded? Padded. There’s a wide range of benefits of padded harnesses. The biggest advantage is that they’re comfortable and reduce the risk of skin issues.

5. Durability is a must! You want a harness that won’t come apart mid-walk and last while. A good harness will be made from materials that won’t breakdown from wear or weather.

What Dogs and Their Parents Have Been Waiting For: A Stylish and Comfy Harness

We’ve hunted around, and there are a ton of collars and harnesses on the market. Luckily, we found one brand that goes above and beyond the rest. It is both comfortable and as cute as your canine: Blue Paw Co.

Blue Paw Co. products are not only stylish, but extremely high quality. Their harnesses are specifically made to have a great fit for French Bulldogs, Pugs, and other breeds. But don't fret, Blue Paw Co. harnesses also fit other breeds as well. We had Olive, PawSwap’s Marketing Assistant, give them a go (as seen in the photo below).

Why You’ll Love Blue Paw Co. Harnesses

  1. Blue Paw Co.’s harnesses are breathable, so your dog won’t get as hot on walks. This also helps them dry quickly for pups who love to splash in puddles.

  2. They’re perfectly padded. This makes them comfy for dogs of all shapes and sizes (especially for those pups with broad chests or dogs that tend to pull).

  3. They’re as adorable as your dog! They come in great colors and patterns that are sure to amplify how adorable your pup is.

  4. They’re built to last. Say “good-bye” to buying your dog a new harness every other month, these harnesses are weather-resistant and tough.

  5. They are super secure, so your pup won’t slip out.

  6. They’re perfect for night walks! These cute harnesses come with reflective patches to help you keep a close eye on your pup at night.

Which Blue Paw Co. is Right for Your Pup?

The classic dog harness: This is great for all kinds of pups. It goes over their head, and clips around their chest!

The reversible dog harness: This is for the stylish diva dogs or fashionable male model pups. These harnesses have two different adorable prints that you can switch between.

The adjustable dog harness: Finally, a harness for the Bulldogs and other oddly shaped pups! This harness allows you to fully adjust the neck and chest straps to ensure a paw-fect fit!

Other Great Blue Paw Co. Products that You and Your Dog Will Adore

Blue Paw Co. also offers dog collars, leashes, bow ties, bandanas, and hoodies. These all come in a variety of cute and original prints. Want your dog to be the ultimate fashionista? You can even get a collar, harness, leash, and bandana all in the same print!

The Inspiration Behind the Blue Paw Co. Brand

When dog-obsessed business owner, Marion, was having a tough time finding a harness with a perfect fit and stylish design for her French Bulldog, she decided to take matters into her own hands and founded Blue Paw Co.! The Blue Paw Co. team consists of Marion and her 4-year-old Blue Brindle French Bulldog, Zoey. Zoey is what she likes to call her "furry CEO" that doubles as a model (@zoeythebluefrenchie).  Zoey was the inspiration behind the brand, with her being a Blue Frenchie and the company logo being a French Bulldog. You may have not noticed, but if you look closely, the logo includes a heart on the dog’s nose to reflect the heart shape that is created by shadows on Zoey's forehead.

Before Blue Paw Co.

After graduating university with a Bachelor of Business Administration and double concentration on Marketing and Human Resources, Marion worked for an HR Consulting Firm. She then moved on to working as an event planner for corporate events for a few years.

Most recently, after working in digital advertising and starting her first company, Crystal Communications Inc., Marion wanted to take her love for dogs and fill the gap in the market for bully-breed friendly harnesses. That is when Blue Paw Co. came to life!

Local Business Lowdown

We asked Marion about being a business owner and what her favourite part was. Her response: "Having the autonomy to make your own decisions and seeing those play out. You might put more hours than you would working a 9-5, but it's the most rewarding feeling seeing that hard work directly translate into something great that you are proud of."

Marion saw the importance of small businesses to generate new ideas, concepts, and product diversity in the marketplace. She said it best, "It takes risk to start a business: most small and local businesses will put their heart and soul into their products, as their business is a direct reflection of themselves". A statement that we couldn't agree more on! After hearing Marion's story, and of course meeting Zoey, we knew we had to share this company with our PawSwap members.

Final Thoughts

Celebrate walk-time with the ideal harness and collar combo for your dog. Blue Paw Co. harnesses with matching collars and leashes are a great way to go. They make the perfect harness to keep your beloved dog comfortable, safe, and stylish for years of walks to come.

So, leash-up, enjoy the fresh air, and happy walking!


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