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B.C. photobombing dog becomes an internet sensation in buy-and-sell ads

Sadie the Siberian husky has gone viral thanks to hilarious cameos in her owner's Marketplace ads.

The buy-and-sell ad starring Sadie that started it all | Photo: Alesia Willard

Kamloops woman Alesia Willard had hoped for maybe a few hits when she started posting items online for sale, but she never imagined her ads would be seen by thousands...of fans.

That’s thanks to her photobombing pup, Sadie. And those, um, very unique eyes.

“People think there’s something wrong with her, but no, she’s perfectly fine,” Willard told OhMyDog! “Either her pupils are extremely dilated or extremely small - there’s no in between. So she’s always got this kind of creepy look going on.”

Sadie's unique expressions has won over thousands of fans | Photo: Alesia Willard

Creepy but extremely cute. And now very viral. Sadie’s cameos are so popular online, Willard has no choice but to include her in every buy-and-sell ad.

“If I post something that doesn’t have Sadie on it, there’s no traction whatsoever,” Willard says. “”So I’ll throw a Sadie eyeball on there or something - and then it blows up.”

Photo: Alesia Willard

Willard has even taken to selling random things around the house just to keep up the momentum. Sadie’s Tik Tok appearances have reached over a million viewers and now the same film agent that represents her mom has added the dog to the talent roster.

“She is now represented by an agent, just in case something happens. You never know!”

It all started with a baby gate Willard wanted to unload. When her 5 year-old Siberian Husky photobombed the picture, she was “kind of too lazy to retake it”, so she posted the photo as is, and Sadie’s popularity rose. Now people seek out Willard’s sale items for a dose of her dog.

“I was selling my couch, and it’s her couch. She figured out early on, when I take pictures of something it means it’s going bye-bye, so she sat there on the couch with her big eyes saying ‘what do you think you’re doing?’ and the post took off.”

“There is a world behind those eyes. And we don’t get to see it." | Photo: Alesia Willard

Kamloops pet lover Willard also parents one other dog, a cat, and a horse. But it’s Sadie that’s become the star, having even been featured nationally on CBC.

Public comments have been just as funny as Sadie’s face, ranging from “I think she’s staring directly into my soul” to “Uh oh, Sadie’s getting flashbacks again.”

“She’s had that face since she was a puppy. I swear she’s perfectly healthy, and vet-checked” Willard laughs. “But even I’ve wondered sometimes, ‘are you okay?’”

“There is a world behind those eyes. And we don’t get to see it. It’s probably a pretty scary place too.”


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