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Adorable dog that wandered into Burnaby RCMP reunited with loving family thanks to locals online

Sakura is home safe after officers use Twitter to find owner of 'scared' dog that wandered into their detachment on New Year's Day.

A dog that wandered into one of the Burnaby RCMP detachments on New Year's Day has been safely returned to it's owners.

The dog, who police officers had named Snow, was “cold and scared” when she walked into the detachment on Friday, but thanks to the officers, the BC SPCA and the power of social media, the adorable pup has returned home to her loving family.

The Burnaby RCMP shared the good news on their Twitter page today, revealing that the pup was named Sakura, and was 11 year's old. A Tweet posted on Tuesday afternoon read, "We have great news to share: "Sakura" was reunited with her family this weekend. Sakura's best friend "Oreo" & her family are overjoyed to have Sakura back home. Thank you to @BC_SPCA for helping to make this connection happen."


The police also shared the following statement from Sakura's relieved family after they had been reunited with their beloved pup. "They heard from many neighbours & friends that all of you were sharing this story. They felt so much LOVE.

"They want to thank all the officers for their loving care & everyone that shared Sakura's story which helped her find her way home."

A happy ending

Worried locals were delighted to find out that Sakura had made it home after following her story over the weekend, and doing their part to spread the word online.

Officers were sharing regular updates and photos of the dog they had affectionately named 'Snow' on their Twitter over the weekend, and had been taking turns taking her for walks and feeding her.

On January 1, the Twitter account first shared a photo of the missing pup, writing:

“Do you know me? This poor girl has somehow made her way to our detachment at Deer Lake in #burnaby. As much as we enjoy her, we wish to reunite her with her family. Come with proof of ownership... Otherwise we’ll never give her up!”

The dog was taken to the BC SPCA who helped make the connection with Sakura's family happen over the weekend where she was reunited with her best friend Oreo.

Sakura reunited with her best friend Oreo. Photo: Burnaby RCMP Twitter

Who doesn't love a happy ending?!


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