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A new way to leave your dog in the car in the summer— you read that right.

We all have the best intentions. We love our doggos to the moon and back! But dogs in hot cars, even if it’s just for five minutes, is never worth it.

Because even on a 21 Degree day, the temperature will have reached 31 Degrees Celsius in just ten minutes.

Even in the shade. Even with the windows cracked. It would be like wearing a fur coat that you can’t remove in the middle of the Saudi Arabian desert.

Which is why we were excited to see this automaker take an innovative step into preventing dogs from overheating in cars on hot days.

Say what you will about Elon Musk — love him or hate him, the guy knows how to innovate.

And now, with the latest software upgrade for Tesla owners, feature roll out, makes it so that Tesla owners can actually run a quick errand with the comfort and knowledge that their precious cargo isn’t in distress.

Not too shabby from the man who sent slime and a basketball up to space!

Tesla dog mode
"Don't worry, I'm good!"

Dogs don’t sweat like we do — they release heat through panting and their paw pads, and panting becomes less effective as your pooch heats up. And it only takes minutes for your dog to experience life threatening heat levels.

You might run in for a few minutes, but you could return to find your window smashed, a fine, or worse — your doggo completely stressed and overheating.

With Dog Mode, you don’t have to worry about your dog, broken windows, or fines.

This new update makes it so that Tesla owners can keep the car at a safe temperature for hours, even when the car is off.

It also let’s passersby know that their doggo, while confused as to why they can’t go into the grocery store with their human, is safe, happy, and comfortable inside.

This is what people passing by will see:

A study funded by General Motors of Canada found that within 20 minutes, air temperature within a small car exposed to the sun on 35 degree day will exceed 50 degress — 65.5 within 40 minutes. In that same study, leaving a window open did little to prevent the inside from getting fatally hot.

With Tesla’s new update, your dog is comfortable and safe thanks to their large battery packs. Should your battery reache less than 20%, you will recieve a notification on your mobile app!

We already checked and, sadly, no: the update doesn’t play your dog’s favourite jam.

So if you see a dog in a parked Tesla this summer, don’t fret: they’re safe (if not mildly concerned about why the pack couldn’t stick together on this particular errand). All in all, that’s one less broken window in the world. Rest easy, friend.

While Tesla’s new technology is making it easier for humans and pets to get out and about together more on sunny days, there are other options out there that don't involve your dog alone in your car (like leaving them with a friend or neighbour that you meet through apps like PawSwap!)


More about PawSwap...

PawSwap is an Application that makes finding trusted pet sitters easy and inexpensive (or free). By developing a platform that allows dog owners to create and customize their trusted list of pet sitters (called "Pack"), and introducing our own Pay-It-Forward Points system, finding a trusted pet sitter nearby has never been easier or more affordable.

Created for dog owners that work long hours, members can add their Neighbours to their Pack on the platform, and broadcast a message whenever they need a hand. Friends and Neighbours earn Points, which they accumulate and spend on pet sitting services for their own dog or towards pet products and services with our partners.

Have more questions on how the Points work? Check out our article that helps answer some common questions!

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