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A creative tool introduced in Vancouver that helps dog owners make new friends

If there is one thing Vancouverites (or anyone in major cities for that matter!) can relate on, it's the struggle of meeting new people and making friends, especially if you just moved to the city. The options are limited; you either meet new people at the gym (insert sweaty encounters), at a bar (insert sloppy and perhaps regretful encounters), or just randomly at a dog park (insert awkward introductions).

If you can relate, we may have the perfect solution for you...and it's our Meet-Up Ambassador Program.

There's only one catch: Must Have Dog(s) ;).

So, what exactly is a Meet-Up Ambassador?

A Meet-Up Ambassador is a dog owner who wants to connect the community, meet new people, and find a reliable tribe of dog owners (what we call "Pack") that can help out with pet sitting whenever needed. It gives social butterfly's, like yourself, the opportunity to mingle, and find new friends in a friendly (and not awkward) environment.

All you have to do, is show up to your neighbourhood meet-ups, and help connect the community! We'll even give you bandana's that you can hand out to new pups that you meet. It's that simple!

Is becoming a Meet-up Ambassador for you?

We connected with some of our current ambassadors to find out why they signed up. If you can relate to one or more of these, than becoming a Meet-up Ambassador might be perfect for you.

1) You’ve just moved to the city and you want to find new friends and increase your network of reliable dog owners and sitters.

2) Your dog loves other dogs, and you want more dogs for them to play with at the park! No more empty dog parks!

3) You work from home, and want a playmate for your dog while you work: or, vice versa! If you work from home, you know how lonely your pup can get.

4) You have a lot of neighbours in your building with dogs and want to bring them all together! With the easy pay-it-forward model, you can use Points to exchange pet sitting.

Becoming a Meet-Up Ambassador in your neighbourhood is easy!

Step 1: Download PawSwap 📲

Step 2: Find and click the Star ⭐️

Step 3: Complete questions and verify yourself on Facebook 📝

Step 4: RSVP and attend two meet-ups in the month of July! 🤝

It's that simple! So what are you waiting for, click here to sign up or visit to download the app!

More about PawSwap...

PawSwap is an Application that makes finding trusted pet sitters easy and inexpensive (or free). By developing a platform that allows dog owners to create and customize their trusted list of pet sitters (called "Pack"), and introducing our own Pay-It-Forward Points system, finding a trusted pet sitter nearby has never been easier or more affordable.

Created for dog owners that work long hours, members can add their Neighbours to their Pack on the platform, and broadcast a message whenever they need a hand. Friends and Neighbours earn Points, which they accumulate and spend on pet sitting services for their own dog or towards pet products and services with our partners.

Have more questions on if becoming a Meet-Up Ambassador is right for you? Check out our article that helps answer some common questions!

Or, if you're ready to sign up, Download App Now!


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