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9 summer essentials your dog shouldn’t be without

With sizzling temperatures and beautiful beach days, here are 9 top products it your pooch shouldn’t be without this summer.

When we think of our own summer essentials checklist, we think of swimmers, sunscreen and a cute beach towel. But what about our dogs? We’ve rounded up the best items from doggy sunscreen to pool floaties made just for your pooch so they can have a great summer too.

1. Life jacket

The main - and most important - accessory your pooch needs this summer is their very own dog-sized life jacket! Not only will this keep them nice and buoyant - to the joy of every pup who isn’t super confident in the water - but can also prevent any tragedies occurring if your dog gets into trouble.

We love this Float Coat by Ruffwear - the bright colours will also ensure you can spot your pup easily in the water. Get yours at local dog-friendly store Valhalla Pure Outfitters.

2. Pool floats

The most extra floatie brand Funboy has paired with Bark - the makers behind pet goodie box BarkBox - to bring what we’ve all been waiting for - pool floats made just for your pooch! From yachts and private jets to rainbow cloud floats (with human-sized versions to match) your pup will be feeling as cool on the water as they will in it.

3. Doggy sunscreen

Just because your pooch is mostly covered in fur, that doesn’t mean they don’t need sunscreen just like us! Pick up some Snout Screen from vegan and cruelty free brand Parker & Co., Made with organic plant-based ingredients, this sunscreen stick can be applied to your pup’s ears, nose and any sensitive areas - bonus, it’s also lick-friendly!

4. Sunnies and protective eyewear

We’re super quick to grab our sunglasses and a hat for a day out in the sun - but what about our dogs? That’s where Rex Specs steps in. They make protective eyewear for pups, with varying styles depending on what activity you and your pooch are doing together - adventure, work, hunting or health.

With a similar design to ski and snowboard goggles for humans, these super stylish glasses make sure not only are your dog’s eyes protected from harsh UV rays but debris, grass and brush when out on an adventure.

5. Floating water toys

Where there’s water, there’s usually a soaking wet dog ready to lunge into it to make a huge splash. When you and your pooch are next hanging out by the lake, river or ocean, why not take their very own floating toy for them to chase after?

Several brands make good quality aqua toys - one of them being Ruffwear, who make a Hydro-Plane floating foam disk and the Lunker throw toy, which is great for both fetch and tug.

6. Backpack for hiking

Store all of your dog’s treats, poop bags, water and anything else they need in their very own hiking day pack from Ruffwear. The Approach pack comes with two saddlebags that are form fitting and built for all trail necessities.

The creators of the pack recommend starting your pooch off with a light load if they’re new to packs, gradually building them up, with them carrying no more than 25% of their own body weight in the pack overall. Get yours locally at Valhalla Pure Outfitters.

7. Collapsible dog bowl

We’ve all been there - you’re out on a hike, you take a water break and realise you left a bowl for your dog at home - and now you have no choice but to let them eat and drink out of your hands instead. Thankfully there’s no forgetting a collapsible travel dog bowl from Rocky Mountain Dog as their inventive 2-in-1 bowl unfolds to open up two bowls - one for food and one for water.

Made from durable nylon and waterproof, you can simply zip it up and clip it on your bag or roll it up and store it in your day pack instead.

8. Soothing paw cream

Keep your pup’s nose and paws hydrated this summer with a soothing paw balm by Rocky Mountain Dog. Made from organic beeswax, shea butter, coconut oil and olive oil, this cream is lick-friendly and soothes dry and cracked paws and noses after exposure to the elements.

9. Bike attachments

Bring your pup along with you on a bike ride this summer with this awesome bike accessory from BuddyRider which securely keeps your pooch in place in their very own seat. Made for smaller dogs, this attachment allows your pup to sit comfortably (and securely harnessed in) while you pedal away along trails or along the sea wall.

For bigger dogs, we recommend a trailer like this one from Aesom that’s water and sun resistant.


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