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9 of the best rainy-day dog-friendly hikes around Vancouver

Don't let rain spoil your hiking plans. These 9 dog-friendly trails are just as good when it's raining!

Bright sunshine one day and grey skies and rain the next isn't exactly uncommon in Vancouver, but a rainy day doesn't automatically mean your hiking plans with your pup need to be cancelled. In fact, there are many dog-friendly hikes around Vancouver that are just as good, if not better on rainy days as the misty atmosphere in the forests and more powerfully flowing waterfalls actually add to the scenic beauty.

Although hikes with higher elevation and epic viewpoints should be left for a clearer day, these trails are still just as enjoyable when it's wet, and as most of them are in the forest, there's plenty of protection from the elements. So, if you and your pup don't mind a bit of rain, these 9 dog-friendly hikes are all perfect for the next day the forecast is looking a little dull!

(Remember to stay safe, stay close to home and plan ahead before hiking in wet conditions.)

Metro Vancouver

This relatively easy hike is the most popular trail in Lynn Headwaters Regional Park, North Vancouver, and as it's flat and short, it make a great quick outing if you don't want to spend too long in the rain.

The lower portion of the trail follows Lynn Creek and makes for an easy, flat walk suitable for smaller breeds, but if your dog is active and enjoys a little more of a challenge, the upper portion of the trail carries you through the forest of Lynn Headwaters.

As this hike doesn't have an epic viewpoint, there's no disadvantage on a rainy day as the scenic and peaceful forest makes it well worth the trip.

Time: 1.5 hours

Length: 5.1km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

Situated next to UBC, in the Point Grey neighbourhood, just a 10-minute drive from Downtown Vancouver, Pacific Regional Park has over 55km of trails to walk through beautiful, peaceful woods that are a perfect escape from the city on a dreary afternoon.

Not all these trails are leash-optional, but a lot of them are, so check out this map to help you plan your route. Accessible all year round, this spot is always a winner with dogs and their owners, and the huge variety of big trees and no particular viewpoint, this hike is enjoyable rain or shine. The area is very well equipped for dog owners with poop bag stations and red ‘poop’ bins around the trails and with so many trails to choose from, there's no chance of your pup getting bored.

Time: 3 hours

Length: 10km

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

This quick and easy hike in West Vancouver offers an escape into nature through dense forest, old Cedar and Douglas Fir trees, where you'll be amongst some of the biggest trees you can find on the North Shore. This short hike makes for a great experience all year round, and in all weather conditions, and another bonus is that it's enjoyable for dogs of all sizes so is a great choice if you have a smaller breed.

There’s two beautiful waterfalls for you to enjoy that are even more impressive with the extra powerful flow on a rainy day, while your pups can explore off-leash - just make sure they're kept under control.

Time: 1.5 hours

Length: 3km

Dogs Allowed: Off-Leash

Located in Burnaby, this is the perfect trail to do with any sized dog all year round, and is a particularly popular choice for smaller dogs as it stays nice and flat. The trail offers an easy walk that circles the lake and passes by a beach area, a viewing tower, and pier – all offering great scenery that looks just as beautiful on a dreary, wet day than in the height of the summer sunshine.

Time:1 hour

Length: 5km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

Whyte Lake is a small, peaceful lake in the hills of West Vancouver above Horseshoe Bay, and The Whyte Lake Trail leading there is perfect for an easy hike when the forecast isn't looking great.

Want to go for a short hike on a rainy or cloudy day? The Whyte Lake Trail is perfect as there's no viewpoint to worry about. You and your pup can simply enjoy the scenic forest, knowing the pay off will be worth it, wind, rain or shine.

Time: 2 hours

Length: 5km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash (Permitted off-leash on the Trans Canada Trail section of this hike only)

If your pup loves a long walk but doesn't love steep climbs, then Norvan Falls is a great trail to check out. It may be lengthy, but with only 195m elevation gain and the promise of a very impressive, cascading waterfall at the end, it's definitely worth the time, even on a rainy day.

Lush green forests and a stunning waterfall surrounded by mossy rocks will keep your pup happy for hours, and there’s plenty of water opportunities along the way too.

Time: 5 hours

Length: 14 km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

Fraser Valley

If you're looking for a quick, easy trail that doesn't keep you in the rain too long, and gives you maximum reward for minimum effort, then Bridal Falls is for you. The journey from the parking area just off the Highway 1 to Bridal Falls could be described as more of a walk than a hike, and the pay off is truly breathtaking, and there are several trails in the area that you can explore if you want a longer hike. The waterfall cascading from 60 meters above is beautiful in any weather conditions, and rain only makes it better as it should be flowing with a little extra power, making it even more picturesque.

Time: 0.25 hours

Length: 0.8km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

Sea to Sky

Located along the Sea To Sky Highway between Whistler and Pemberton, this is another short hike that leads to a beautiful waterfall making it ideal for a rainy day.

The trail runs alongside the Green River the entire way making for a very relaxing outing, and leads to two viewing platforms overlooking the upper and lower falls with stunning views.

Time: 1.5 hours

Length: 3km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash

You don't need a bright day for this hike as it will be colourful every single time.

This short hiking trail offers a very unique pay off that makes it a very popular attraction, as after a relatively flat hike, you arrive at the historic colourfully painted box cars that have sat in the forest since 1956. The trail there follows the Sea To Sky Trail through jungle-like rainforest and crosses a suspension bridge, offering scenic views of the Cheakakmus River rushing below, and the minimal elevation gain makes it perfect for smaller breeds.

Time: 1 hour

Length: 2km

Dogs Allowed: On-Leash


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