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9 adorable Vancouver beagle accounts you should be following

Add some cuteness to your Insta-feed today with these local dog accounts.

Although National Beagle Day was on April 22, we don't need a special holiday to celebrate our favourite local beagles, so we're putting the spotlight on 9 adorable Vancouver beagles with Instagram accounts you'll love.

As well as being ridiculously cute, beagles are compact and hardy, and make active companions for the whole family. They are fun loving, gentle and loyal, and as they were bred to be hunting dogs, they have more than 220 million scent receptors (compared to a human's 5 million), meaning they're often found with their nose to the ground.

As if you need any more evidence of how great this breed is, a beagle from Japan named Purin (meaning 'pudding' in Japanese) is a Guinness World Record holder for the most balls caught by a dog in one minute. And yes, it's a cute as it sounds - you can watch the video here. If you'd like more beagles brightening up your Instagram feed, here are 9 adorable Vancouver pups to start following today!

Why you should be following them: This Vancouver pup will be 3 years old next month, and if his previous birthdays are anything to go by, you'll be in for a treat on this 'Regal Beagle's' Instagram page. Whether he's playing with his friends or chilling at home, his photos are guaranteed to make you smile.

Why you should be following them: You'll see lots of fun videos of this Vancouver pup frolicking around in the sand and sea without a care in the world, as well as pictures of him exploring the neighbourhood with his doggy friends - including fellow beagle Daisy who makes lots of appearances on his page.

Why you should be following them: If you love puppy pictures, then you need to be following 13-week old Alfie who is new to Instagram, but is already melting hearts with photos of him growing up in the city.

Why you should be following them: Another Vancouver pup relatively new to Instagram is Millie, and although there's plenty of photos of her out and about exploring, there's also a lot of very cute sleepy pictures that will bring a smile to your face while you're scrolling!

Why you should be following them: She may be small, but she's mighty! This adorable pocket beagle is an adventurous little pup and can be seen exploring many hikes and trails around Vancouver. So if you want some inspo for outdoor adventures even little legs can enjoy, then you should start following immediately.

Why you should be following them: If you've ever wondered what a beagle-corgi mix would look like, you can find out right now as 2-year old Kofi is a beagi, and a very cute one at that! Kofi's feed is full of cute photos of adventures on the beach and dog parks around Vancouver, so it's definitely worth adding to your Following list.

Why you should be following them: According to his bio, Bandit "loves to nibble, cuddle and my pawrents say I’m the fastest zoomer they’ve ever met", and his feed is full of hilarious Reels, and cute photos of him exploring the city. Also, a Canucks supporting beagle, does it get any cuter?!

Why you should be following them: This page is full of stunning photographs of 2-year-old Stella exploring the beautiful outdoors. This adventure dog is always taking on local hikes and trails with her owner and it makes for incredible photos that you need in your life!

Why you should be following them: The second Bandit on our list, this photogenic Vancouver beagle has some of the best puppy dog eyes around. Listed as a 'Fashion Model' on his page, we can certainly see why as his page is full of impossibly cute photos of a pup living his absolute best life!


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