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12 adorable Vancouver bulldog accounts you should follow today

Celebrate National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day by adding these cute accounts to your Insta-feed.

Did you know that April 21 is National Bulldogs are Beautiful Day?

The national holiday is celebrated every year on the same date and to mark the occasion, we are highlighting 12 adorable Vancouver bulldog Instagram accounts that prove just how beautiful the bully breed is.

French, American, or English, this day is for them all, and celebrates the gentle, loving and courageous breed we all know and love.

It's not just their squishy faces, adorable wrinkles and stocky legs that make bulldogs beautiful, but also their sweet and friendly nature that make them amazing companions.

Incredibly gentle, docile and devoted, English bulldogs are content to laze around at your feet and snooze, with a short walk enough to keep them happy, making them wonderful apartment dogs.

While Frenchies too make ideal apartment dogs, they are also a very popular city dog breed and with good reason. Their content and chilled out attitude, above average tolerance to strangers, and relatively low activity needs make them excellent city companions.

If your pup belongs to the bully breed category, be sure to celebrate their unique beauty on April 21, and if you are simply an admirer, here are 12 adorable Vancouver bulldog accounts you should add to your Insta-feed immediately.

Why you should be following them: This handsome 3-year old English Bulldog is a Texan rescue, and his Insta-feed is full of adorable photos of him enjoying his life in Port Moody. There's also lots of impossibly cute photos of Hank with his feline bestie that are guaranteed to make you smile.

Why you should be following them: Whether this adorable English Bulldog is exploring what Vancouver has to offer, relaxing in the sun, or sleeping on his couch, you're guaranteed some very cute images on your feed, and some inspiration for local photo opportunities too.

Why you should be following them: This 7-year-old English Bulldog loves an adventure and his feed is full of photos of him exploring beautiful British Columbia, with some cute napping photos thrown in!

Why you should be following them: 4-year-old Darby is an active boy and can be seen exploring local trails regularly on his feed. He can also be found chilling in front of the fire and simply 'doing bulldog things!' - and with only 47 followers, we think he deserves some more love!

Why you should be following them: This English Bulldog puppy only joined Instagram at the end of 2021, and already has a feed full of impossibly cute photos, and videos of little Bruce dressed up for various holidays. Too. Sweet.

Why you should be following them: Described as a 'stick obsessed, professional butt wiggler, and all round good boy', Vancouver bulldog Frank is only 7 months old and his feed is full of colour, local adventures, and cuteness.

Why you should be following them: With his 2nd birthday coming up next week, now is the perfect time to hit 'Follow' as if his past outfits are anything to go by, you'll be in for a treat.

Why you should be following them: Ridiculously cute outfits and hilarious photos of this 4 year old Frenchie living his best life in Vancouver, following Lewis will instantly brighten your Insta-feed. You'll also find lots of inspo for dog-friendly patios as Lewis is a sociable guy!

Why you should be following them: Described as a 'treat detector, snuggle monster, and competitive napper', you can expect hilarious photos, memes and videos of Rizzo, a popular lilac French Bulldog living in Vancouver.

Why you should be following them: Adding this 8-month-old Blue Brindle French Bulldog to your followers will add some much needed joy to your feed with hilarious faces and ridiculously cute smiles - and we suspect she's only going to get cuter!

Why you should be following them: This 3-month-old Blue American Pocket Bully lives in Surrey and is fast becoming a TikTok star. You can find regular cute videos and photos of Diddy enjoying the beautiful blue skies and sunshine of Vancouver, and his brother Uzi also makes some appearances which is a bonus!

Why you should be following them: Kilo is an extremely photogenic XL American bully, and his feed is full of beautiful photos of him exploring Canada, dressing up as batman and videos of him splashing in the sea. This blue-eyed beauty is sure to add some sparkle to your feed.

Why you should be following them: We couldn't not include Justin, our co-founder Brittany's hilarious Frenchie and PawSwap's Official Treat Tester. There's a reason why the Riverdale cast all love Justin and regularly make appearances on his page! According to his bio, he "likes peanut butter, taking stuff I shouldn’t take, eating stuff I shouldn’t eat...and cuddling", and you will love following him as your feed will be filled with hilarious photos and videos like the one above!


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