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8 Vancouver dogs that are sure to make you laugh today

In celebration of National Tell a Joke Day, here are 8 adorable Vancouver dogs that are guaranteed to give you a giggle.

Have you ever watched your dog do something so ridiculous that you burst out laughing and wished someone else was there to see it? Or, you've taken a photo so funny that it instantly gets sent into every group chat you're a part of?

Our dogs are hilarious, whether they mean to be or not, and that's why this National Tell a Joke Day, instead of telling dog jokes you've probably heard a million times before, we are instead sharing 8 local pups who really made us laugh - and we know will make you laugh too!

1. This Vancouver pup's quick recovery.

2. This Yaletown pup's reaction to puppy pizza at our last Sunday Strolls activity.

3. This Vancouver dachshund's accurate depiction of 2020.

4. This Vancouver pup's reaction to bath time.

5. This Vancouver dog's 'I didn't do anything wrong!' face.

6. This Vancouver doggo not appreciating the 'No Dogs Allowed' decision. We're with you Justin!

7. This Vancouver rescue pup's quarantine fashion.

8. This Vancouver pug showing Monday who's boss.

Oh okay then, here's a few of the cheesiest dog jokes we could find that are so bad they're good...

Did you hear about the dog who had puppies on the sidewalk? She was ticketed for littering. Why do dogs make terrible dance partners?

They’ve got two left feet!

What does a Dalmatian say when he’s scratching an itch? Ahh, that’s the spot.

I wanted to see lots of animals at the zoo, but there was only one small dog

It was a Shih Tzu

Happy National Tell a Joke Day!



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