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8 Toronto Yorkshire Terrier accounts you should start following today

In honour of National Yorkshire Terrier Day, here are 8 adorable Toronto Yorkies you should add to your following list today.

As January 22nd, marks National Yorkshire Terrier Day, what better way to celebrate the occasion than to show some love to a few awesome Toronto Yorkie accounts? With their silky locks, tiny size (weighing in at no more than seven pounds!), love of adventure and big-dog personality, it's not surprising that this endearing breed make for some great IG content. Affectionate and sprightly, Yorkshire Terriers adore their humans and are popular all across Canada as they make great city dogs and can thrive in smaller living spaces - great for any apartment dwellers. Whether you own a Yorkie yourself or just want to show your appreciation for this feisty but loveable breed, here are 8 Toronto Yorkshire Terrier accounts you should start following today. Want more Canadian Yorkies to follow? Check out these 8 Vancouver Yorkie accounts that will brighten up your feed today.

Why you should be following them: Chanel is one of the most stylish pups in the 6ix, so if you love seeing adorable pups in amazing outfits - you need to hit 'Follow' right now. This four-legged fashionista knows how to rock an outfit for any occasion so be prepared for some serious wardrobe envy!

Why you should be following them: 2-year-old Toronto pup Samus may be small but she has a huge personality and knows how to keep her owners entertained - which makes for some great content! Samus and her Biewer Terrier sister Zelda are sibling goals and are always picture ready with plenty of adorable matching outfits - too cute!

Why you should be following them: Stewie's bio states 'the smaller the dog the bigger the adventure' and his content confirms this. Over 8,000 people already follow 5-year-old Stewie's adventures around Toronto and if you're looking for inspo for dog-friendly outdoor activities, you should join that list today.

Why you should be following them: Double the cuteness! "12 pounds of fury

causing trouble since 03/04/17 and 11/17/20", Oliver and Ruby are two adorable Toronto Yorkie siblings that love playing, matching outfits and looking ridiculously cute doing it!

Why you should be following them: Just look at that face! Teacup Yorkie Coco Silva Medeiros is as photogenic as they come and you can start following this 1-year-old pup today to watch her journey growing up in Toronto. If you do hit 'follow', don't forgot to scroll back to her puppy photos - you won't regret it.

Why you should be following them: Whether it's adorable photos of chilling at home or exploring Ontario, or videos of Rudy dancing or playing air guitar (check out the latest video!), you won't be disappointed with this Yorkie's content and the captions are always sure to give you a giggle.

Why you should be following them: Whatever the season, 2-year-old Miko is ready for an adventure. Whether it's snowy walks, sunbathing at a local dog beach or having a go at paddle boarding, Miko clearly loves exploring - and looks good doing it!

Why you should be following them: The camera clearly loves 5-year-old Jax and with only 99 followers, we think this Toronto Yorkie deserves some more love. If you're a fan of adorable photos and hilarious videos of tiny pups showing some sass, then you'll want to start following today!


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