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7 reasons your dog makes a better Valentine’s Day date

Love it or hate it, there’s no getting away from Valentine’s Day.

If you’re unattached, or just hate all the pressure to plan something big and romantic, there’s no need to dread it this year.

Dog on Valentine's Day

Instead, remember there’s someone who loves you unconditionally that would make the perfect no-fuss Valentine’s date - your dog!

Save all that affection for someone who truly deserves it this year (and every year) and celebrate Valentine's Day with your dog.

Here are just 7 of the many reasons the best Valentine's date is your dog.

1. They won’t stand you up.

You are the most important person in their life and they get excited every time they see you. Give them a time and a date and they’ll be there. No excuses and zero chance of disappointment!

2. They give the best cuddles.

Sure, human cuddles are great but pup snuggles are a whole other level. There’s nothing like feeling your pup snuggle up into your neck.  The purest form of love!

3. They don’t care what you do, or how you look.

With your dog as your Valentine’s date there are absolutely no expectations. Forget fancy restaurants and squeezing into a LBD and heels. Your dog will be ecstatic to simply curl up with you in your pjs. Netflix and chew anyone?

4. They make you laugh.

If a date can’t make you laugh, you’re in for a boring night. We all love a great sense of humour and with your dog as your Valentine, you know without even trying they will have you giggling.

5. You won’t have to share your dessert with them.

You know when you get the most amazing dessert and you’re expected to share it with your date so that you don’t look greedy? Great news – your dog doesn’t even like chocolate! Problem solved.

6. They’re great listeners.

Forced conversation is the stuff of dating nightmares. And is there anything worse than listening to your date only talk about themselves?

With your dog as your date, they are all ears. They’ll happily listen to you for hours, support you and silently agree with everything you say. Perfect!

7. You won’t be going home alone.

You don’t have to spend the night worrying about impressing your date. You already know they are super into you and there’s only one person they are going to be going home with at the end of the night – you!



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