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7 genius products to keep your dog cool on hot days

We’ve rounded up the best accessories to help your dog stay cool during the high temperatures this summer.

With temperatures hitting 33 degrees on Friday and another heatwave warning issued by Environment Canada for this week, it’s never been more important to make sure your pet can keep cool throughout the sizzling temperatures this summer.

That’s why the team at OhMyDog! has put together some of the best products on the market to make sure your pooch can avoid feeling like a hot dog while the hot weather lasts.

1. Doggy paddling pool

Rather than spending money - and time repairing pesky punctures - on an inflatable kid’s paddling pool for your pooch, why not get one specifically made for your furry friend to cool down in instead?

This portable, foldable PVC paddler by Cool Pup and available at Walmart is great for dogs that enjoy a shallow splash around wherever you go - whether that’s the garden, the beach or on vacation. It also comes in three sizes from small to large and has a drainage spout to easily let water out once your pet has had enough pool time.

2. Cooling vests for everyday or outdoor adventures

A perfect option for your pooch this summer is a cooling vest by Ruffwear, where technology built into the jacket reflects solar radiation and evaporative cooling pulls heat off your dog’s body. Two great options, available from dog-friendly Vancouver store Valhalla Pure Outfitters in Mount Pleasant, are the Jet Stream - which suits more high intensity activity and is rated UPF 50+ - and the Swamp Cooler. To activate both, simply soak in water, wring out and pop on your dog.

3. Cooling pads to lie on

This self-charging gel Cooling Pad from Arf Pets works wonders according to dog owners. It doesn’t need water, refrigeration, batteries or electricity to kick start its cooling technology - instead it simply needs 15 minutes of non-use to recharge itself for up to 3 hours of continuous use.

4. Cool hats to keep the heat off

Top your pooch’s head with a dapper Chill Seeker Cooling Hat from Canada Pooch to protect them from the sun’s rays. Made with water-retaining fabric and mesh layers for air circulation, this will keep your pet’s head nice and cool in the summer heat. Just add water to activate the cooling effects!

5. Cool scarves to wick away heat

When cool clothing is this cool, it would be hard not to be tempted to add this stylish bandana to your dog’s streetwear collection. With mesh layered technology for air circulation and water retaining fabric, all you need to do is dip this Cooling Bandana by Canada Pooch under some running water to initiate the evaporation cooling effect of this super cool bandana.

6. Cooling water bowls to keep water cold for hours

Go à la mode with this minimalist Cooling Dog Bowl from Scandi brand, Paikka. The built in cooling ceramic technology keeps your pooch’s water cool for hours - as well as being able to defrost raw food in a controlled environment. Dishwasher friendly and available from PetSmart, you simply need to run under cold tap water for 45 seconds to activate the cooling technology.

7. Pavement booties to keep your pup’s paws safe

Did you know your pet’s paws can blister and burn if the sidewalk is too hot? Aside from choosing to walk your pup at cooler times of the day, such as mornings and evenings, you can invest in these adorable Pavement Booties from Canada Pooch to protect their paws during hotter temperatures. These come in a variety of sizes, with the website providing handy recommended sizing for your pet depending on their breed too!

More tips to help your pooch in a heat emergency

  • The BC SPCA recommends taking your dog out in cooler weather, such as mornings and evenings, especially during warmer temperatures, to reduce the chances of your pet getting heatstroke. Other tips like feeding your pooch ice cubes with treats inside and walking them in shaded areas will help too.

  • Never leave your pet in your car when you go out - even if it doesn’t feel that hot inside, the temperatures inside a car can creep up to unbearable levels within 10 minutes and can cause irreversible brain damage or even death to your pet. The BC SPCA has already responded to more than 600 rescue callouts for pets trapped inside cars with sweltering temperatures inside. Instead, leave your pet at home in a cool area if you need to nip out.

  • Make sure to keep an eye out for any signs of heatstroke - such as excessive panting, vomiting and collapsing. OhMyDog! talked to vets to get some first hand advice on being aware of the dangers of heatstroke, who said if you think your pooch may be suffering from heatstroke, call your vet immediately and move your dog to a cool area and try to cool their bodies down with water.


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