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7 dog-friendly patios to visit this August in Vancouver

With August right around the corner, we all officially have a month left to make the most of summer. If you’re wondering where the time has gone, just think how much faster it’s gone for your four-legged bestie, who counts time in multiples of seven or by how long it has been since they last saw your face.

We are firm believers of the “no pup left behind” philosophy. So to ensure you’re making the most of summer without sacrificing quality time with your BFF, we put our noses to the ground and sniffed out the best dog-friendly patios to visit this August in Vancouver.

We’re nothing if not avid researchers. Below, the best dog-friendly patios in Vancouver that you should visit this August 2019.

Parkside Brewery

Murray Street (aka Brewers Row) is home to four breweries nestled in the heart of Port Moody and are all perfect for bar-hopping.

But what makes Parkside Brewery stand out isn’t their shuffle board or their on-site food truck (though those are definitely show stoppers). It’s the fact that you can bring your pup right to the table with you in their outdoor picnic area.

Vancouverites with dogs will know that this is a huge deal — getting to sip your craft beer with your pup by your side is a luxury we honestly need more of.

Address: 2731 Murray St, Port Moody

Mahony & Sons

The patio at Mahony & Sons at Stamps Landing has it locked down: sun-soaked patio overlooking False Creek, perfect for people watching over a pint while day updating your insta feed with photos of you and bae at Charelson Dog park.

Did we just describe the perfect Saturday? Mahony & Sons have a special sectioned off patio just for dogs and their humans, so be sure to let staff know you have a dog with you to access it.

Address: 601 Stamps Landing, Vancouver

Wicklow Pub

Wicklow Pub is right next door to Mahoney & Sons and has an equally unparalleled view of False Creek. This patio might be one of Vancouver’s best kept secrets — it’s quite literally tucked away.

You won’t spot it unless you’re walking along the seawall, and this is probably just how the locals like it: More tables to choose from on this gorgeous patio (and plenty of shade for your pup).

We love these guys, because they always have dog treats at the ready for your bestie.

Address: 610 Stamps Landing, Vancouver


You have two locations to choose from — Gastown or Kitsilano! While you can’t bring them on the patio itself, the friendly staff at both locations will be more than happy to provide your pup with water and a treat or two.

The Kits location has a designated spot in the shade for puppers, called the Pooch Pound (more like Pooch Party, if you ask us).

Though Gastown doesn’t have a spot to tie up your doggo, you can ask the staff at Gastown to provide you with a spot that has an umbrella — and they’re quick to refill bae’s water bowl as often as your gin and soda.

Address: 2210 Cornwall Ave, Vancouver

3 Alexander St, Vancouver

Mamie Taylors

The patio at Mamie Taylor’s is intimate (it only seats eight) but it’s one of our favourite hangs (weekend brunch!!). This Chinatown haunt serves southern-styled American fare and is notorious for its taxidermied decor.

We’re suckers for their margaritas but even bigger suckers for the doggos we see kicking it on their patio.

Address: 251 E Georgia St, Vancouver

Red Truck Beer Company

Probably one of our favourites, Red Truck Beer is a summertime staple with its top-notch patio, concert series, Dog Party (!!!), and an excellent selection of food and bevies.

Best of all, obviously, is that you’re always in close proximity with Fido for quick check-ups and treats. Bonus: Everyone who wants to come inside for a beer will have to pass your pup, which pretty much guarantees extra love and attention.

If your pupper is a little put out that you socialized too long and have some pent up angst to let out, it’s just a 10-minute walk over to Hinge Dog Park.

Address: 295 E 1st Ave, Vancouver


Another one of our favourites, TAPshack by Burrard is perfect for a day in full sun and watching the sailboats come in and out of the harbour.

Try and secure a spot near the back so you can get some shade (plus: TAPshack is right on the seawall and you’ll want to tuck Fido away from any oncoming bike traffic). Come for the drinks, stay for the dog pats.

Address: 1012 Beach Ave, Vancouver

Disclaimer: if you live in Vancouver, you already know that you can count on almost no hands the number of patios you can actually bring Fido onto the patio. It’s not anything unique to Vancouver — it’s a provincial health violation to serve food and beverages with animals present (service dogs, aquariums, and pet rocks are okay). So while you can’t actually bring Fido onto most patios, you can get your waitress to sit you next to your dog on the pereimeter of the patio. 

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