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5 Vancouver Entrepreneurs Who Also Happen To Be Awesome Dog Parents

Let's celebrate local success today with these talented Vancouver entrepreneurs who are also amazing dog parents!

With a focus on supporting local companies and brands, we wanted to show our support and showcase a few of our favourite local entrepreneurs who also happen to be awesome dog parents.

These hard-working, ambitious Vancouver dog owner entrepreneurs have found a way to make their business thrive while also proving to be loving, caring providers for their pups.

We could all learn a thing or two from these inspiring Vancouverites!

So, let's support local, celebrate their success, and also enjoy cute pictures of their adorable dogs - because we're all in this together.

Bradley and Bentley

Bradley Friesen is a well known Helicopter pilot based in Vancouver. He’s been a business-minded individual since early adulthood. After selling a small business he developed with his brothers, he set out to achieve one of his dreams of becoming a heli-pilot. Over the years, he developed his aerial photography and videography skills to build a massive following on his YouTube channel and Instagram account. The main ambassador for his business is Mr. Bentley the Dog - his much-loved dog who has an impressive Instagram following himself! Bentley is an English Bulldog who is regularly seen as the co-pilot in Bradley’s popular photos and videos. It’s an all Canadian duo that you should definitely check out and definitely one of our favourite Vancouver dog owner entrepreneurs.

Karolina, Piper and Pearl

Karolina Turek is a well-known photographer based in Vancouver. She’s worked with many well known public figures including Shay Mitchell,, Jillian Harris and many more. Check out her impressive portfolio here. Despite her natural talent behind the lens, it took Karolina years of hard work and life experience to build her brand to what it is today. On top of all that, she is a loving dog parent to Piper and Pearl. Piper is a Dogue De Bordeaux and has been an adorable staple of Karolina’s Instagram for many years. Pearl is a 6-year-old pug who joined the family just last year. Keep up the great work, Karolina!

Miriam and Frederick

Miriam Alden is the CEO of Brunette the Label, a clothing brand based in Vancouver, BC. All of their products are passionately designed in Canada by the babes at Brunette Headquarters. Their website states that they “believe the word babe to be a way of life and strive to create a community that is inclusive of all babes. Inspiring, strengthening, and elevating each other to be the best version of ourselves.”

Their mission is to uplift all babes, all day, every day, which is a mission we can definitely get behind! Miriam is the proud owner of Frederick, the rescued Boxer, who is regularly featured in her social media. You can find him right by her side at all times, if she’s travelling the world or just working from home! What an adorable partner in crime!

Sara and Charlie

Sara Panton is the Co-Founder at vitruvi, a modern aromatherapy company providing essential oil products for “waking up, winding down and everything in between.” Inspired by her upbringing a small seaside community on Vancouver Island, vitruvi has been a huge success, and Sara is the brains behind the operation. They blend essential oils from over 30 different countries from around the world and formulate specific blends for consumers to use throughout the day. Sara’s partner in crime is a cockapoo named Charlie, who is an integral part of Sara’s day-to-day schedule. She got Charlie in 2016 and he has been an important part of her life every day ever since.

As one of our fabulous selection of Vancouver dog owners entrepreneurs, we would like to congratulate you on your success in business, and doggie parenthood, Sara!

Meghan and Soma

Meghan Currie is a yoga teacher with a massive following and presence in the industry. She has developed a unique practice that has inspired thousands of people to become more in touch with their mind and bodies. She travels the world facilitating yoga classes and training teachers. Meghan has a deep passion for connecting with people, plants and animals and yes, that includes dogs! In her own words, she has always said that she would never “get” a pet, but the animal would adopt her at their own will. That has allowed her to have many furry companions during her time travelling the world and sharing her practice. Meghan, we love your dedication to the people and animals that surround you. Thank you!


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