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4 new Vancouver dog companies to watch out for.

It’s the best of times for dog-lovers. It’s the worst of times for our bank accounts. Marketing agencies everywhere have caught on to us — we will literally buy anything that has to do with our dog.

But what we love even more than filling our homes with stuff our dog doesn’t need is supporting local dog lovers while filling our homes with stuff our dog does need!

Here are four local Vancouver dog companies you seriously need to check out.

Like Fab Fit Fun, but for dogs, this Canadian company delivers your pup personalized bundles of joy right to your doorstep. These subscription boxes include several hand-picked combos toys, treats, chews, and other wonderful things to delight your pup for hours on end.

The best part is that all the goodies inside are customized to your pup — no generic themes here. Plus, your pup enjoys full-sized treats that are all-natural treats and cater to those with allergies. Not to mention, everything is made right here in Canada or the US.

Dog Bundles Instagram photo

To get started, pick the frequency of your subscription — 1, 3, or 6 months. Each bundle is filled with 4-6 items based on your dog’s preferences — if they have allergies, chewing habits, an aversion to things that squeak, etc. Your monthly bundle will be delivered to your door

Our fave: You can give a bundle to a doggo friend!

Blue Paw Co. grew out of frustrated owner, Marian, trying to find a safe harness for her French Bulldog that was also aesthetically appealing. Rather than admit defeat, Marion turned frustration into opportunity and launched the Blue Paw Co. brand, inspired 100% by Zoey, her Frenchie fur-baby.

We love the range and functionality of these harnesses. Harnesses include a 4-point lock system for extra security, D-ring leash attachment, and a reflective patch and stripes for night safety. The line has even expanded to include leashes, collars, hoodies, bow ties, and bandanas.

Our favourite might be the reversible harness in “Cheat Day” — two delicious looks in one! And don’t go thinking these are just for small dogs — sizes range from XS to L, so there’s no reason why you’re 60 lb black lab can’t be a walking snack.


Another Vancouver-grown dog company that is chasing after style and quality is Froggy Da Doggy, a dog accessories brand that inspires elegance in everyday life.

Inspired by its namesake, Froggy, a rescue dog from Bali, this Vancouver company grew out of a desire to find durable leashes that could withstand any rambunctious pup while still remaining fashionable.

Each of Froggy Da Doggy’s leashes 7 leashes in one (take a peek at their Instagram to see what we mean — there are so many ways to use these leashes) and are designed to withstand thousands of pounds of pull. Each leash can be safely used for large dogs up to any size and weight but is also light enough for small dogs. How? The material. Leashes are made of ultra-strong, double-braided nautical grade rope with nylon that is lightweight.


These stylish leashes don’t just look good — they do good. 15% of the proceeds are put towards the street dogs of Bali so that they too can get the help they need.

This local boutique is capitalizing on what Vancouverites know deep in their souls — we are a city of dog lovers. We also happen to be sustainability enthusiasts. Put the two together and what do you get? Good Boy Collective, founded in 2017 by Dayandra Elrod and her two doggos, Bowie and Rupert, aiming to bring together an appreciation for design, social responsibility, and love for our fur babies.

They opened their first retail location earlier this year, which is a dog-friendly boutique and community space that offers wares for your dog, but also dog training services, seminars, adoption events, and product pop-ups.

They also just launched their ZERO WASTE program, which we’re keen on trying out!

It’s a common misconception that dog food bags are recyclable. Dog-food bags are lined to maintain freshness. So, even if you put your bag in the blue bin, they end up in the landfill unless the bags are brought to a facility that is willing to separate the lining from the bag. With the ZERO WASTE program, you purchase your container from Good Boy Collective, or bring your own in, and refill the container in their bulk section (they have carefully selected their bulk containers to ensure freshness and contamination-free food).

When you come to refill, you get 10% off your purchase, and Good Boy properly dispenses of the bag (note: they only carry Earth’s Option food — here’s why).


We love that this company also gives back to the community by supporting local rescues via fundraising events and adoption events.


Don’t forget to join us at our next Meet-up! This is a great way to meet other dog lovers in your community. Plus, your doggo can make new friends for dog park days! You can find all the details in our app, here.


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