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20 Most popular dog breeds in Vancouver revealed

A report by Rover, The Dog People, reveals the top dog breeds in Vancouver - and the top spot has changed since last year.

We all know that Vancouver is a city of dog lovers, but do you know which dog breeds are the most popular in the city?

The report, compiled by Rover, The Dog People, revealed Canada's top 20 most popular dog breeds, as well as breaking down each city's preferences from their database of over 35,000 pet parents - and there's been a change in the number one spot since last year's rankings.

"Mixed" breeds have taken the top spot in 2020 across Canada and here in Vancouver, pushing the ever-popular Labrador Retriever to second place.

"Often hardy and always unique, mixed breed dogs continually top lists of the most popular dog types in Canada," says the report.

Whether it's a Pomsky, Puggle or Boxador, there's a mixed breed out there for everyone, so it's no surprise that they top the list.

As for the second spot, Labradors are consistently one of Canada’s most popular dog breeds and are perfect companions for adventure-loving Vancouverites. "These high-spirited sporting dogs are perfect for people who love spending time outdoors swimming, jogging, or hunting," says Rover in its 2020 report. Labs are gentle, intelligent and outgoing, explaining why they rank as one of the most popular breeds in many countries across the world.

Coming in third in the list of Vancouver's most popular breeds were Chihuahuas. Described by Rover as "ideal dogs for city dwellers", these tiny dogs may be the smallest breed out there, but they have some of the biggest personalities and are described as loyal and devoted.

Kind, trustworthy and friendly Golden Retrievers rank fourth in the most popular breeds in Vancouver, with affectionate, lively and playful French Bulldogs rounding out the top five.

Vancouver’s Most Popular Dog Breeds of 2020:

  1. Mixed

  2. Labrador Retriever

  3. Chihuahua

  4. Golden Retriever

  5. French Bulldog

  6. German Shepherd Dog

  7. Shih Tzu

  8. Labradoodle

  9. Pomeranian

  10. Yorkshire Terrier

  11. Poodle

  12. Border Collie

  13. Goldendoodle

  14. Maltese

  15. Dachshund

  16. Bichon Frise

  17. Siberian Husky

  18. Pug

  19. Boston Terrier

  20. PitBull Mix


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