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14 of the best Vancouver dog Halloween costumes of 2021

We've picked 14 of the best dog Halloween costumes of 2021 - and they're SUPER cute!


Halloween is finally here, and with it the abundance of Instagram posts of dogs in costumes that we've all been waiting for.

We also got a blast from the past with some dogs dressed as some of our most nostalgic toys. Squid Game had to make an appearance of course, along with some spooky and classic favourites like ghouls, witches and spiders - but these pups make these costumes anything other than ordinary!

So - *drumroll please* - here are our best dog Halloween costumes of 2021!

1. Starbucks baristas

2. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

3. A pumpkin

4. Buzzing bee

5. Squid Game contestant

6. Squid Game doll

7. An Oreo cookie

8. Spider

9. Witch

10. Frankenstein and Monster's Bride

11. Woody and Buzz from Toy Story

12. A pair of ghosts!

13. A deliveryman

14. Darth Vader


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