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12 reasons why your dog is the best Valentine’s date ever

12 reasons why your dog is the best Valentine’s date ever

1. You don’t need to worry about how you look

Valentine’s Day carries a ton of pressure, especially for women! Looking your best to go out to a fancy restaurant can be a little intimidating or if you’re meeting someone who has only seen your Tinder profile, it can be quite scary. If you spend Valentine’s Day with your dog, you don’t need to worry about any of this! Whether you’re waking up with no makeup on or dolled up to go out, your dog sees you the exact same way!

2. You can keep all the chocolate to yourself

If you’re like me, you love Valentine’s Day only because of the huge variety of chocolate treats that go on sale. If you spend the day with your dog, you can keep all the chocolate for yourself because dogs can’t eat chocolate! And it’s also great for you because you don’t need to worry about getting them a gift! Your dog doesn’t need anything on Valentine’s Day because they’re going to be happy just spending time with you.

3. You’re going to save money

Spending the day of love with your dog means you don’t have to worry about buying a new outfit, getting gifts, or putting aside some cash for a fancy dinner. Your dog doesn’t expect you to do any of this which means you’re going to save tons of money! When people spend Valentine’s Day with a date, it can be extremely easy to spend money on things that might not even be worth it. Instead, stay home with your dog and buy yourself a nice bottle of wine for yourself.

4. They’re an easy date to please

Your dog isn’t going to be disappointed if you want to stay in and watch a movie for Valentine’s Day, but they’ll also be happy to go out for a nice long walk on the beach if that’s what you’d prefer. Dogs are super easy to please and you won’t have to worry about disappointing them!

5. You will actually want to cuddle with them

There’s nothing worse than going on a date with someone and inviting them into your home afterwards, only for them to overstay their welcome. These can be awkward and uncomfortable situations, and nobody wants that to happen to them on Valentine’s Day. So, if your dog is your date you don’t need to worry about this happening. You can spend all day and night with them while enjoying the cuddles they want to give you.

6. They can’t speak

There’s nothing worse than going on a date with someone who talks too much. Your dog is a great Valentine’s Day date because they simply can’t talk which means you don’t have to sit through a dinner listening to them only talk about themselves or complain about the food you’re eating! Your dog communicates through body language and other than a potential bark or two, they’re relatively quiet!

7. They are totally faithful

You don’t need to worry about your dog only having eyes for you because they are completely committed to you. As their owner, you are their sense of happiness and belonging and nobody else comes even close to that. Your dog doesn’t have the capabilities to compare you to other people. You are their number one always!

8. They can make you laugh

Your dog is naturally funny, and they don’t even know it! Spending Valentine’s Day with them saves you from spending it with someone who tries too hard to make you laugh. The humorous bond that you have with your dog when they do something silly is unlike anything that you can share with another person.

9. You can talk openly without worrying about what they’ll think

Even though dogs can’t speak or fully understand you, they are still great listeners! If you want to spend the day watching rom coms, eating pizza, and talking about how much you hate Valentine’s Day, your dog will be right by your side! Your dog can understand how you’re feeling through your tones and body language but they aren’t capable of judging you for what you have to say.

10. They’re the best gift you could ever ask for

If you don’t have anyone to spend Valentine’s Day with, you’re not going to be expecting much in terms of gifts. But luckily your dog’s presence is a gift in itself – and it’s pretty great! Your dog can provide you an abundance of happiness on Valentine’s Day, more than flowers ever could.

11. You don’t need to worry about your cooking

If you’re cooking a nice meal for a date, it can be extremely stressful because they might not like what you make. Luckily if your date is your dog, there’s no chance your dog won’t like it. You can always create a special meal for your pup if you want to make Valentine’s Day together extra special while also treating yourself to your own favourite meal.

12. Dogs give unconditional love

Lastly, dogs provide unconditional love that is unlike anything else. The bond that you share with your dog carries emotional support, comfort, affection and a sense of purpose. A dog is a man’s best friend for a reason!


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