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12 of the best Vancouver Dog Christmas Outfits

The countdown to Christmas is well and truly on!

For some people, Christmas starts as soon as Halloween ends (you know who you are!) But, if you still aren’t in the holiday spirit yet, not to worry – we can help you out! 

We’ve searched Instagram for adorable Vancouver dogs dressed in cute Christmas outfits that are guaranteed to get you feeling festive!  

So, if you are looking for some Christmas Day inspo for your own pup, or you just need a few minutes away from the stress of last-minute holiday shopping, enjoy 12 of our favourite local dogs who are festive fashion goals. 1. Santa's Little Helpers

2. When you just wake up from a nap but still look picture perfect

3. It's never too early to decorate the dog house. Happy Howl-idays!

4. Christmas Squad Goals

5. "Are you sure these pyjamas make me look cute?"

6. "Okay, let's take a smiling one."

7. "Did someone say turkey?"

8. Santa Paws is coming to town!

9. When you and your best friend have the same idea for Secret Santa

10. Time to get lit!

11. "It's called fashion darling... Look it up."

12. When you've finally had enough of your mom taking pictures...


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