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12 lovely ideas to celebrate Valentine's Day with your dog

If you’re not celebrating Valentine’s Day with anyone special this year, then you’re not alone.

However, if you’re a dog owner, why don’t you just celebrate it with your dog? Yes, it might sound silly but there are so many fun things you can do with your furry friend to make your Valentine’s Day a day to remember. Our dogs love us unconditionally so why not spend the day of love making them feel loved? To help, we’ve compiled a list of 12 lovely ideas to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your pooch.

1. Go on a fun scent walk

Going on walks is a usual part of your dog’s routine but if you’re wanting to make it a little more fun for them, you can take them on a scent walk. A scent walk is taking your dog out and allowing them to walk wherever they’d like without a specific destination in mind. Being able to freely explore while smelling whatever your dog wants is sure to be an enjoyable experience for your pooch.

2. Hand make a special Valentine’s Day treat

Making dog treats is so simple and there are thousands of recipes online if you want to make your dog feel extra special this Valentine’s Day. Visit your local dollar store to get some heart shaped ice trays and/or cookie cutters to make the treats extra special!

3. Teach them a new trick

Dogs love to learn and they will appreciate you for teaching them something new, so try teaching them a trick this Valentine’s Day! Spending time together learning a new trick is an awesome way to make your bond together stronger and it improves your dog’s ability to understand and obey things. It’s also a great way to improve your dog’s confidence in themselves and in you.

4. Spend some time at the dog park

Dog parks are an awesome place for your dog to socialize while getting physical activity. Bring a ball and play some fetch with your pup and stay a little longer than you usually would if you’re trying to treat them to a day all about them. Dog parks are also a great way for owners to meet one another so it could also be a fun experience for you!

5. Valentine’s Day themed photoshoot

You don’t need to hire a photographer to take cute Valentine’s Day photos of your dog. All you need is a little creativity! If you want to take some photos outdoors, think of beautiful landscape areas and consider going out to take photos during the sunset. If you’re wanting to have a photoshoot at home, grab some Valentine’s Day themed props and dog toys and start snapping some photos! Dogs are not great at taking photos but that’s what makes it a fun experience that you can cherish forever.

6. Gift them with a Puppuccino

Show your dog just how much they mean to you this Valentine’s Day with a Starbucks Puppuccino! These dog friendly treats consist of whipped cream in a small sized cup, designed just for dogs. Dogs love them and while they can be a tad messy, they are a great opportunity for a cute photo.

7. Get your pup pampered

If you want to go all out on treating your dog this Valentine’s Day, take them out for a spa day. Get them washed, groomed, and feeling their best! Your dog will be in an amazing mood, and you will get all the cuddles in return.

8. Go on a dog-friendly day trip

Take your dog out for the day and do some exploring! Depending on where you live, maybe you can take your dog with you on a hike or go for a swim at your local beach. They’ll really love spending time in the outdoors with you while getting some much-needed exercise.

9. Check out a dog-friendly patio

If you’re on that dog friendly day trip that I mentioned, try googling dog-friendly cafes and patios in your area. Dog-friendly accommodations have grown hugely in popularity over the years so you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a place for you and your furry friend to enjoy together.

10. Make a painting together

If you want to make a lasting memory with your dog this Valentine’s Day, get a blank canvas and make some art! With some non-toxic paint and your dog’s paw prints, you can create something super unique and close to your heart.

11. Go on a picnic with both of your favourite snacks

Picnics are a great way to get outside to share some time with your dog. Pack your own favourite snacks as well as your dog’s favourites and enjoy some time together laying in the sun on a big blanket. This can be a relaxing activity to share together after taking a walk.

12. Gift them a new Valentine’s Day toy

If you’re not buying anyone chocolates or flowers this Valentine’s Day, spend that money on your dog instead and get them a new toy! Toys are great items your dog should have to help keep them occupied and engaged.


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