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12 cute Vancouver Chihuahua accounts you should be following

Add these local cuties to your Following list today in celebration of Chihuahua Appreciation Day.

May 14 marks National Chihuahua Appreciation Day, and what better way to celebrate than to show some online love to a few local chihuahuas. We may be biased, but we thank Vancouver has some of the cutest chihuahua Instagram accounts we've seen, and if you love this pocket-sized breed then you're going to love their content. What this tiny breed lack in size they certainly make up for in personality, and their charming and sassy character makes their social media content highly entertaining! This coupled with their loyalty and devotion to their human, make these pups a firm favourite with dog owners world over.

If you've got a chihuahua yourself, make sure to give them some extra love today, and if you simply want to show your appreciation for this graceful breed, here are 12 Vancouver chihuahua accounts you should start following today.

Why you should be following them: It seriously doesn't get cuter than this. This tiny blonde long-haired chihuahua will be 1 year old next month, and it only takes a quick look at her feed to see that this Vancouver girl has style. As well as a great fashion sense, Soju is also bilingual, understanding both English and Portuguese.

Why you should be following them: This sassy Vancouver pup celebrated her 12th birthday lately, and according to her bio she is an old lady who loves naps. She may be older, but Bebe is still learning new tricks as she discovered a love for kayaking this year. This pup is guaranteed to add some sass and fashion to your feed!

Why you should be following them: At only 3.5lbs, this Vancouver rescue pup is only pocket-sized but is full of personality. According to his bio, he is living the dream in Vancouver and his page shows his love of travelling, eating, sleeping and sometimes singing.

Why you should be following them: Described as a 'XS stylish gentleman by day, bad boy by night', Alfie is a true fashionista with one of the most aesthetically pleasing doggy Instagram feeds you're likely to come across. Be prepared for some serious wardrobe envy when following this blue and white chihuahua!

Why you should be following them: Another fashionable Vancouver pup, Chester always goes all out when it comes to his outfits and one of his photos popping up on your feed is guaranteed to brighten your day. This chiweenie loves big adventures, pepperoni, chasing squirrels, blanket forts and craft beer tasting - so expect fashion and dog-friendly brewery inspo!

Why you should be following them: This account has double the cuteness with two teacup chihuahuas - 1-year-old Cola and 4-month-old puppy Bear. You can follow along as the adorable brother and sister grow up together in Vancouver, and judging by last year's efforts, you can expect some amazing Halloween outfits.

Why you should be following them: This handsome boy has an infectious smile and is clearly living his best life with his family in Vancouver. Photogenic, fashionable and playful, this pup will celebrate his 1st birthday next month, and we highly recommend you give this page a follow.

Why you should be following them: With less than 200 followers, we think this blue chihuahua deserves some more love as not only are his photos and videos ridiculously cute, but the captions are always sure to give you a giggle.

Why you should be following them: We love this 9-year-old rescue pup's account and we're sure you will too. If there's a reason to dress up, you can count on Oliver to pull out all the stops. We should also mention that it's not just Oliver's Instagram account that is worth a follow - he also has a hilarious TikTok account which you can find in his bio.

Why you should be following them: After moving to Vancouver last December, this 8-year-old chihuahua has made himself at home and we love his page. According to his earlier posts, his favourite activities is eating and sleeping on shoe racks and dark corners, and his special talent is tucking himself into bed.

Why you should be following them: This stylish 3-legged chihuahua came to Vancouver from a tiny fishing village in Mexico called Barra de Potosi, and his feed is filled with joy. We love Nengo's outfits - especially his unicorn costume which you can check out on his Highlight reel!

Why you should be following them: Named after her favourite artist Frida Khalo, this 3-year-old chiweenie likes homemade stew, chasing crows and cuddles. We love watching this playful Vancouver rescue pup explore the great outdoors and hang out with his puppy friends who often make appearances on his page.


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