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11 iconic local landmarks every Vancouver pup should have a photo with

How many can you and your pup check off the list?

With its majestic mountainous backdrops, shimmering waterfront sunsets and myriad of wildlife on its doorstep, it’s no surprise that Vancouver is routinely voted as one of the world’s most liveable cities. And with all this beauty at our fingertips, who would blame you for wanting to share some of it - with your pooch included of course - on your Instagram feed?

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best landmarks for photo opportunities Vancouver has to offer so you can take Insta-worthy snaps of your pup whilst exploring this beautiful city. See how many you've checked off the list already and if it's not all 11, get some inspo for your next doggy day out around the city.

1. Stanley Park

Better known as Vancouver’s emerald jewel, Stanley Park - plus the sea wall that goes around it - boasts some of the best photo opportunities in the city. With mountain vistas or cityscapes to choose from, you and your pup won’t be short of places for a scenic Insta snap. Even better, some of the beaches offer great spots for sunset watching - plus come fall, the autumnal colours of the leafy park will make a gorgeous backdrop for your pup’s photoshoot.

2. Kits Wings mural

We all love a mural - especially one which we can insert ourselves into! These beautifully painted wings on 4th and Burrard in Kitsilano are a regular backdrop for photographers on Instagram. As the seasons change, different themes appear - from love hearts at Valentines to pumpkins and hay bales in fall - perfect for your pooch’s Instagram.

3. Digital Orca

One of Vancouver’s most loved art pieces, the Digital Orca stands proudly on the sea wall next to the Convention Centre in downtown. A great photo opportunity in more ways than one (the mountain views are incredible), if you can get your pup to pull off a photo like this, you’ll achieve Instagram glory.

4. Science World

Science World has one of the most recognisable exteriors in Vancouver. With it’s illuminated spherical exoskeleton, it makes a stunning backdrop in night-time cityscapes. In the day, it’s just as impressive and adds a futuristic touch to Vancouver’s nature-dominated landscape. Easily visited by the ever trailing sea wall, take your pooch for a long walk around False Creek and snap a pic of them with this cool piece of architecture.

5. Kits Dog Park

Kitsilano has many amazing locations for a doggy day out, but Kits Dog Park is always a winner. A great spot for doggy action shots, sandy beach pics and sunset views, this isn’t just a great place to take your pup for a good run around. Offering stunning views of the North Shore mountains and warm, colourful sunsets, you and your dog will love this not-so-secret spot.

6. Capilano Suspension Bridge Park

If you can brave the 70ft drop, the Capilano Suspension Bridge in North Vancouver is something every Vancouverite should experience - whether they like heights or not. Not only is the 450ft long bridge a fantastic opportunity for forest and river backdrops, but the scenery on either side of the bridge offers much more to explore. Plus - your pup can join you! They’ll probably feel a little less camera shy (or less fearful of the drop) walking around one of the treetop walks on the west side of the bridge, and in winter, the Canyon of Lights display can provide a fantastic Christmas backdrop for your pup’s feed.

7. Gastown Steam Clock

A tourist’s first stop in Vancouver, Gastown’s famous steam clock is something to be marvelled at with it’s huge blows of steam and bright loud whistles to signal the time. Although brilliant to visit at both day and night, the evenings contrast the misty glow of the lamps with the jet black of the night sky, making photographers feel like they’ve stepped back in time.

8. Granville Island

A place every dog and their owner should visit for a tasty snack is Granville Island. The market offers a bounty of cultural foods - from fish and chips to sushi and German bratwursts - as well as a variety of boutiques to peruse through. Although dogs aren’t allowed in the market itself, there are plenty of other shops and eateries around the island - which has great views of Yaletown and False Creek - including The Granville Island Pet Treatery which you can spoil your pup with.

9. Proud Youth

Plenty of Vancouver’s pups have had their photograph taken alongside ‘The Proud Youth, a giant red statue of a child laughing in Yaletown, taking many of them by surprise. The 5.5 metre statue was created by Chinese sculptor Chen Wenling as part of the Vancouver Biennale’s 6-month extension to its re-IMAGE-n exhibition and serves as one of Vancity’s diverse art pieces - plus doubles up as a great interactive prop for your pup’s next photoshoot!

10. Queen Elizabeth Park

Going south of the city, dog owners can head over to Queen Elizabeth Park and it’s impeccably manicured gardens. Featuring a variety of colours on the floral lawns to the stunning blossoms that spring brings, you and your pup will find no shortage of backdrops for a great photo - plus an enchanting walk. There’s even a viewpoint where you can look over the city and mountains.

11. Iconic Murals - Main Street / Alley Oop / Fun Alley

Ok, this is technically more than one, but they are all iconic and make for amazing photos so we couldn't choose! For a colourful splash on your pup’s Insta feed, head over to one of the many murals on Main Street - or even better - try a shoot over at North Vancouver’s Fun Alley in Lower Lonsdale or downtown’s Alley Oop near Waterfront Station. With a backdrop of hot yellow, bright pink and glistening turquoise colours, your pup will look like they’re straight out of a Disney movie when posed in front of them.

If you do visit any of these 11 landmarks, be sure to tag @pawswap on Instagram for a chance to be featured!

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