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10 Vancouver Dog Owners Share How Their Dogs Are Helping Them Through Quarantine

There are so many benefits of being a dog owner during quarantine, so we asked local dog owners to share what their pups are doing to cheer them up!

There’s no denying that dog owners are the lucky ones right now.

These times of social distancing and self-isolation are challenging, and very lonely for many people in our community.

But for pet owners, we can rely on our little furry friends to keep us smiling every day, without even trying.

There are so many benefits of being a dog owner during quarantine, but it’s easy to take them for granted when you don’t take the time to acknowledge them.

We wanted to spread a little positivity today, so we asked Vancouver dog owners to share what their pups are doing to cheer them up, and get them through quarantine – and the answers are sure to put a smile on your face.

So, cuddle your pup extra tight today and thank them for being the best quarantine buddy you could wish for!

10. Nikita and Angieruff

Picture of Nikita and Angieruff in a Vancouver lake

“Nikita is my best friend and has become the best companion,” owner Angieruff Sadiua tells us.

“She definitely allows me to continue to enjoy the city through her eyes. Allowing me to enjoy the small things in life and to see the city in a different perspective.”

“She has kept me on a regular routine in terms of what time we go to bed, what time we wake up and even when it’s time to eat. What I thoroughly enjoy is that she is always excited for the time we can spend, even if it may just be minutes sometimes in between a call.”

9. Penelope and Jenn

Photo of Penelope and Jenn at home

"Every day Penelope wiggles her cute bum at me and gives me the biggest hug," smiles owner Jenn Chan.

"I feel lucky to have a dog during this time because it gives me something to care for, to walk and to socialize with!"

8. Hank and Sandy

Hank and Sandy practicing yoga together at home

“Hank starts the day (literally) on my yoga mat with me and cuddles me in Savasana.” laughs owner Sandy Chen.

“She gives me an excuse to get outdoors at least a couple of times a day! Fresh air and exercise balanced with cuddles with Hank have been an integral part of keeping me sane during this time when I haven’t been able to hug family and friends.”

7. Alfie and Teresa

Alfie and Teresa having a walk between cherry blossoms

"Alfie makes me smile every day by jumping up on the bed for morning cuddles and sleeping on my feet while I’m working." owner Teresa tells us.

"It’s extra nice at this time to have an always happy companion who is excited by the little things and helps to remind you to live in the moment. Alfie also helps to keep a schedule and consistency in the days when so many other things are unpredictable right now."

6. Bowser and Shaohao

Bowser and Shaohao smiling from their home

“Just the companionship with Bowser is enough to cheer me up, especially whenever he comes over to hang out with me when I'm watching TV on the couch or working. I can always cuddle my dogs which makes me feel great during this time!”

“I also love that I have an excuse to go outside because my dog needs to go outside!” laughs Shaohao.

5. Toffee and Jess

Photo of Toffee and Jess

"Toffee makes me smile every day by being silly, living in the moment, keeping me company where ever I go in the house and always having fun” owner Jess tells us.

"I feel lucky to have a dog during quarantine for the companionship and to have a reason to exercise, as well as maintaining discipline with two walks a day.”

4. PIG and Ashten

PIG and Ashten enjoying a walk in the forest

“PIG is a very special dog, he's very thoughtful, curious and attentive,” owner Ashten Black tells us.

“He also volunteers as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog spreading a moment of joy to the sick the elderly and the lonely. As we are now working from home, and PIG is unable to visit hospitals, care homes and schools right now, he cheers me up (and others) by performing "wellness checks".

“PIG is a constant companion. He reminds me to slow down and to be present. He helps me see the value in a routine, in exercise/movement, and in asking for what I need (more hugs please) and how this PAW-sitively improves mental health!”

3. Kim and Tucker

Kim and Tucker at the west coast

"My boy gives me laughs first thing in the morning," says Kim Lindsey.

"He makes it easy to get up and gives me motivation throughout the day regardless of having to stay home. He's a saving grace for my mental health through all this."

"He's also been supervising me while I work in the garden during all this downtime, alongside his sister Roxi.

2. Grant and Olive

Photo of Grant and Olive during a walk

"Both Olive and I look forward to her walks as it's an opportunity for us both to get outside and get some fresh air, " says Grant Bennett.

"She loves being by my side and joining me on the patio in the mornings while I read and have my coffee."

1. Barkley and Ruwani

Picture of Barkley and Ruwani having a walk around Vancouver

“Barkley cheers us up when he comes and cuddles beside us while watching TV,” admits Ruwani Sodhi

“It’s amazing to have a companion who is always happy to see you no matter what. We feel so lucky to have a dog during this time!”


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