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10 Valentine's Day gift ideas for the special dog Mom in your life

Someone close to you is a certified dog mom. Whether she's your spouse, best friend, sister, or even your mom, they certainly will feel the love if you send them Valentine's Day gifts meant to honour them as dedicated dog parents.

A personalized pet portrait or custom design one-of-a-kind mug shows that her love for dogs goes way beyond the dog park. Or maybe she's got a soft spot for pups in sweaters, so buy her something to keep them warm.

If you're looking for ideas on what to get your favourite canine mommy, consider these cute ideas:

1. Personalized pillows

The best thing about pillows as Valentine's present is that they have practical use. Who doesn't want a pillow with their pup's name embroidered in it? You can even take it up a notch and choose a throw pillow design with their pet's silhouette on it. Dog moms who must go through a lot of stress at work all day will appreciate the sweet nothing's of a dog pillow.

2. A boxed mug with a doggy in sweater design

Mugs make the perfect gifts for all dog moms because they'll be able to enjoy their favourite drink (caffeine or otherwise) in this cleverly designed vessel. Everyone drinks either coffee, milk, or tea, so it makes perfect sense to give them one with their adorable furry companion in the design.

Note: remember to include something to drink with, like coffee creamers or hot chocolate powder packets. That'll sweeten the deal.

3. Dog Mom rubber wristband

For dog moms who are always 'on the go,' this wristband will keep their hands free. The dog mom rubber wristband is an excellent gift for practical women who always have tasks to accomplish. It's another one of those functional Valentine's Day gifts that they'll appreciate more than a bouquet of flowers.

4. Keychains

Dog mom keychains make perfect small yet meaningful gifts that can be carried around anywhere. Keychains are forever attached to them, which means having a dog-inspired one will make it all the more special to her wherever she goes. For women who have a lot going on in life outside the house – mostly at work – this will remind them just how wonderful it is to be a dog mom.

5. Puppy and dog socks

This one is for fur parents who can't seem to get enough of their pups! If your favourite dog mom is always taking photos with her pet, then she'll love puppy and dog socks that she can wear on her feet all day long. These socks come in different colours and designs, so you can choose one to match your dog mom's personality.

Note: Don't forget to include a pair of dog-friendly deodorizers (for the feet!) for this one.

6. Dog calendar

If your dog mom is the type who loves documenting every moment of her life, then she'll love a calendar filled with photos of canines. This is perfect for women who always want to remember the first day they brought their new pup home. It's also the ideal Valentine's Day gift as it's practical yet thoughtful.

If you want to take it to the next level, look for an electronic calendar with photos of different dog breeds. She'll be reminded of how beautiful these creatures are every time she looks at them.

7. Poop bag dispenser and poop bags

A poop bag dispenser with attached poop bags is the perfect Valentine's Day gift (even if it's not) for dog moms who love going out to the park with their four-legged buddies. The poop bag dispenser comes in different designs that you can choose from, so if your favourite dog mom loves something more colourful or artistic, look for a design that matches her taste.

8. Dog mom apron

Is your favourite canine mama also an amazing cook? If she is, then she'll love a custom doggie print apron that's practical and makes her proud to be a dog mom. Just like the pooper scooper and poop bags, this is one of those gifts that will make dog moms go 'awww' when they see it. She can't help but feel loved whenever she wears it, so it makes sense as Valentine's gift, too.

Note: You may want to include a list of dog-friendly recipes for this one, too. And yes, dog moms cook meals for their pup!

9. Customized pet portrait

It isn't that hard to get a decent photo of the recipient's dog. If your favourite dog mom loves her pup so much, she has enough photos of it for you to choose from. Other than that photo, all you need are the measurements of the picture and some basic information about their dog (e.g., breed and name). That's all you need to do to get a customized pet portrait.

A handful of people offer this service online, so it wouldn't be hard to look for someone who'll do it for you at a reasonable price. Just make sure you browse previous work before you place an order.

10. Paw washing station

Does your dog mom wash her pup's paws after every single walk? If she does, then she'll love having her own paw washing station. You can either buy a portable version online or make it yourself. The important thing is that you come up with a gift that'll make her life easier as a dog mom.

See, it's not that complicated finding the perfect Valentine gift for your favourite dog mom. As long as it has something to do with her pup, then your gift will make her Valentine's Day the best ever. And mind you, all these ideas don't cost you an arm and a leg!


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