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10 cute Vancouver Dachshund accounts to follow this National Hot Dog Day

National Hot Dog Day is the perfect time to add some adorable wiener dog accounts to your Following list.

July 21, 2021 marks National Hot Dog Day in Canada and we thought the perfect way to mark the occasion was to celebrate some of our favourite Vancouver wiener dog accounts.

With their long bodies, tiny little legs and big floppy ears, Dachshunds are an extremely popular breed around Vancouver, and for good reason. Friendly, curious and spunky, these tiny dogs make great apartment pups as their short little legs mean that a couple of walks every day of moderate length should be sufficient to keep them happy and healthy. While we may not all agree on exactly how to pronounce Dachshund (according to experts. 'dahks-hund' is correct), one thing we all can agree on is that this breed is adorable and we have some of the absolute cutest pups right here in Vancouver.

So this National Hot Dog Day, why not check out these 10 local wiener dog accounts and show these sweet sausages some love.

Why you should be following them: This 8-month-old pup may be mini, but he loves a good adventure. Otto's page is full of adorable photos of him exploring the city, and hitting the water for days of paddle boarding - and yes, it's as cute as it sounds!

Why you should be following them: This 5-year-old long-haired mini dachshund is as photogenic as they come. He has some fantastic outfits and hilarious poses and is often seen pictured with his cat siblings on his page. So cute!

Why you should be following them: One word. Fashion. Hugo's outfits are truly something special, and there's a different one for every occasion so you can be sure your feed will be blessed with some A+ content and hilarious captions.

Why you should be following them: Puppy cuteness overload! 4-month-old long-haired miniature dachshund Ketchup is impossibly cute, and has already amassed over 5,000 followers who love watching this tiny pup growing up in Vancouver. Also a great page for dog-friendly patio inspo!

Why you should be following them: There's a reason this account has 22.5k followers. It follows the life of 2 adorable rescue dachshunds - Daisy Lou and Nulo - and documents everything they get up to around their home in Port Moody. Not only will you get adorable photos of these rescue pups with lots of their doggy friends, but there's also hilarious videos too that are sure to give you a giggle!

Why you should be following them: Rufio is living his best life around the Lower Mainland this summer with his doggy friends, and his feed is full of adorable photos documenting his adventures. Also, his fashion is on point, as you can see from the photo above!

Why you should be following them: This Burnaby pup may be small, but she has a big personality and her feed is full of fun, friends and adventure. Whether it's camping, playing or chilling, this tiny Smooth Black and Tan Brindle looks good doing it, and with Buko's birthday coming up in a few days, we expect big things!

Why you should be following them: 'Jello of Mount Pleasant' gives regular updates of exactly what she's been up to on her page, which often includes photos of her very cute wiener dog friends. Jello only turned 1 this year and already has over 7,000 followers - and we have a feeling it may be something to do with her awesome fashion choices!

Why you should be following them: Ziggy's bio says 'I hope to make you smile today' and that's pretty much guaranteed if you follow this account. Like many dachshunds on this list, Ziggy's outfits are a real highlight and this photo is just one of the many great ones on her account!

Why you should be following them: We couldn't leave Olive, our Marketing Manager Carly's pup off this list, as this sweet little pup brightens up all our feeds on a regular basis. Olive is a Dachshund Bichon cross, and is impossibly photogenic. Her page is also full of inspiration for dog-friendly spots around Vancouver, so it's well worth a follow if you're a fellow local dog owner.


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