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10 adorable Vancouver Golden Retriever accounts you should follow today

In honour of National Golden Retriever Day, here are 10 local goldens you should follow to add some cuteness to your Insta-feed.

Did you know that today is National Golden Retriever Day?

The national holiday is celebrated every year on Feb. 3, and this year we wanted to help you mark the occasion by highlighting 10 adorable Vancouver golden retriever Instagram accounts that you will not regret following today. Consistently one of the most popular breeds in Canada every year, the breed actually traces its history back to Scotland in the 1860's. These kind and even-tempered dogs are as special as they are cute, and we love our local Vancouver goldens!

Kind, happy, loyal, affectionate and active, this breed thrives in most households, and they love a good outdoor adventure, which means lots of great photo opportunities for their owners!

Here are 10 of our favourite Vancouver golden retrievers who are guaranteed to brighten up your Insta-feed.

Why you should be following them: Described as "Half office dog in Downtown Vancouver, half mountain dog exploring the PNW", Hunter's Insta-feed is full of stunning photos and cute videos of his many adventures. With his 5th birthday coming up next month, we can expect some extra-adorable content.

Why you should be following them: Toby is always smiling and you'll see lots of photos of him and his rescue brother Pippin 'living their best lives' together! So. cute.

Why you should be following them: With Vancouver pup Augustus Ranger, you don't just get cute photos of a very brave dog (he was diagnosed with DCM in 2019) - you also get fun TikTok videos as well as appearances from his Golden Retriever brother Oden. Two for the price of one!

Why you should be following them: As well as the distinctive birth marks on his tongue, Woodley stands out on social media for his fun-loving videos and his adorable doggy smile. You'll find lots of pictures of Woodley happily exploring Vancouver and find some dog-friendly inspo for yourself and your pup at the same time.

Why you should be following them: This energetic pup is almost 2 years old and his feed documents his many, many outdoor adventures around Vancouver. We love all the action shots of Jasper running through his favourite trails.

Why you should be following them: Adorable puppy posts with lots of photos of 4-month-old Cooper playing, sleeping and growing fast! What's not to love?!

Why you should be following them: This adorable rescue pup Moose loves sports, getting outdoors and dressing up, which makes for an extremely cute Insta-feed. Who doesn't enjoy a fluffy, four-legged Canucks fan?!

Why you should be following them: This beautiful 'Big Red Golden Retriever' loves an adventure, which makes for stunning photos of this 4-year-old pup exploring B.C. Also, his birthday posts each year are guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Why you should be following them: If you love snow and puppies, you will love this account! This 5-month-old pup loves a snow day, which means you'll be treated to lots of cute photos of Henry exploring Whistler.

Why you should be following them: Another adorable golden that also has a thriving TikTok account, Charlie's feed will give you a laugh for sure! This 1-year-old is described as an 'Adventure Pup/Water Dog' and this perfectly sums up his page!


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