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Vancouver police dog bitten by man during arrest in Downtown Eastside

Suspect who fled scene was tracked down and cuffed, but not before injuring police dog Mando.

Police Dog Mando | Photo: Vancouver Police Department

Mando, one of the Vancouver Police Department’s canine crew, was bitten and injured after responding with officers to a violent crime scene early morning, Thursday, August 26.

The suspect, a 32-year-old man, was allegedly threatening several people and kicking at a resident’s door of a Downtown Eastside social housing complex, according to a news release. The units serve as homes for women and children.

When police arrived on the scene, the suspect fled, but was tracked down in a building near Abbott and Keefer streets by officers and Mando. That is when the police dog was allegedly bitten.

“The suspect allegedly resisted arrest and bit Police Service Dog Mando, which was assisting in the arrest,” the VPD said in the release. “ With help from the injured dog, officers were able to gain control of the man and place him in handcuffs.”

Mando suffered minor injuries, and the suspect was treated in hospital after being bitten by the police dog, said the VPD.

The news of the incident broke on National Dog Day, after a string of VPD Twitter posts showing its appreciated for it's four-legged service members.

There was a strong reaction on social media with locals showing their love for Mando, and wishing the dog a speedy recovery. Many were simply astonished by the incident.

“Glad your doggie got the guy,” one Twitter user tweeted under the VPD's post. “But never thought I’d see “man bites dog” story.”

Police are recommending multiple charges.


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