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Treat your dog to a PawSwap Meet-up!

The PawSwap community is one of the best places to find new friends for your best friends. We've created a community of dog owners who love their pups just as much as you do – but ultimately, it’s up to your dog to decide which members he or she likes to connect with the most. Enter, PawSwap meet-ups!


So what is a Meet-up?

Simply put: A Meetup is the pawfect opportunity for a group of PawSwap members (new and existing) to get together! PawSwap meet-ups happen monthly, and are usually 1-hour long. While you may have found the perfect owner to watch your pup through the app already, expanding your dog’s friend circle will also expand your pet-sitting options! The more people your dog is familiar with, the easier it will be to send out those Swap Requests – after all, every pet sitter (and Friend) should be dog approved!

Where do these Meet-ups happen?

PawSwap hosts meet-ups all around the Vancouver area (Toronto, coming soon!) Typically, Meetups take place at off leash dog parks; we’ve found that this is the very best way for dogs to really get to know each other.

What are the benefits of Meet-ups?

Our members have had such positive feedback about our meet-ups. A few benefits are...

  • Meet-ups allow you to take that final (and recommended) step of meeting an owner you’ve connected with on the app, face to face.

  • A PawSwap representative will always be present at a meet-up; attending is a great opportunity to have any questions you may have about the app answered!

  • Nobody likes an empty dog park. Our meetups can guarantee your dog will get some quality play time in! Our meetups on average have about 50 dogs come through.

  • See that neighbour in your hallway all the time and don't know how to make an introduction? The meet-ups make meeting new friends way less awkward.

  • Meet-ups allow your dog to be a part of the decision process. Our members constantly brag about how their dog found their Friends all by themselves!

Who attends Meet-ups?

PawSwap meet-ups are open for anyone to attend; we also have special guests at some of our meet-ups, such as pet product vendors, trainers, or press. All of the photos that you see in this post have been taken at a PawSwap meet-ups by Vancouver Pet Photography.

What is special about PawSwap Meet-ups?

PawSwap meet-ups are special because they really do bring together dog owners with the same struggle... finding affordable, and trustworthy pet care for their dog! Our goal is to say goodbye to awkward encounters, and make it easy for owners to both reach out to one another, and stay connected.

Our next meet-up on International Puppy Day will feature 2 special guests who are fully equipped to answer all of your puppy potty training, walking, socialization and food questions! See you there!

Check out when our next meet-up by Downloading the PawSwap App here.

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