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Top Vancouver Tourist Attractions as told by local dogs

We’ve all seen guides to top Vancouver tourist attractions. There are hundreds of them in books and online, so how can we bring you something you haven’t seen a thousand times before?

Well, we thought we’d try something a little different – a guide to the best spots in Vancouver as told by local dogs!

Obviously, dogs can’t speak to us but you know what they say, a picture paints a thousand words and it’s clear to see from these photos that local dogs absolutely love what Vancouver has to offer.

So, if you’re a pet parent looking for local places your pups will love, looking for spots to get the best dog pictures in Vancouver or just enjoy looking at cute dog photos, then this guide is especially for you! 

1) Capilano Suspension Bridge

For sure one of our the top Vancouver tourist attractions which appears in almost every tourist-guide. There’s a reason Capilano Suspension Bridge is one of the most famous ones.

450 feet (137m) across and 230 feet (70m) above Capilano River in North Vancouver, the suspension bridge has thrilled (and terrified) visitors since 1889. It has also been dog-friendly since opening - a big reason why locals go back time and time again.

As you can see from these pictures, there’s absolutely no doubt that dogs have a great time at Capilano, enjoying the lush-forest, Treetop Adventure and Clifftop Walk, and giving us dog-parents some amazing photo opportunities! 

Unlike us owners, our furry friends don’t seem to have any problem with the height so if you’re looking for a fun day out with your pup, we think Capilano is guaranteed to get their tail wagging!

2) Quarry Rock, Deep Cove

North Vancouver is known for its amazing hikes and stunning views, and this one is a favourite with Vancouverites and dogs alike.

An easy hike through beautiful forest takes you to Quarry Rock, a clifftop overlooking the beautiful seaside town of Deep Cove. The views are stunning at any time of the year and dogs big and small love letting loose off-leash through the woods, running over cute wooden bridges and then getting a rest on Quarry Rock while we take in the beautiful views.

You’re also pretty much guaranteed to get an amazing picture of your dog at this spot, so get some inspo from these adorable photos before your next trip to North Van.

Deep Cove is also a great spot in Vancouver to go kayaking, so if your dog is as adventurous as you are, you can skip the hike and get out on the water.

3) Stanley Park Seawall

Another one of Vancouver’s most famous attractions is Stanley Park and it is definitely a big favourite amongst our dogs.


The 9km stretch is the perfect place to walk your dog in the city, with lush greenery, water and beaches, there is so much for your pooch to enjoy on the way round that there’s no chance of them getting bored.

Whether you’re walking, running or cycling around Stanley Park, your four-legged bestie can be by your side and enjoy it all with you.


These cuties certainly enjoy the Seawall... 

4) Lynn Canyon Park

Lynn Canyon Park is the home of several beautiful hiking trails so if you are looking for a leisurely stroll with your dog through the forest or a tougher uphill climb, it's a great choice.

It also has a dog friendly suspension bridge and although it isn’t as big as Capilano, standing at 50m high, it is a free alternative. 

Dogs love getting their exercise by running through the vast forest but also love getting a dip in the various pools along the trails. 

Check out these pups enjoying what Lynn Canyon Park has to offer...


5) Granville Island

Although you can’t take your dogs into the famous public market, they can enjoy the outdoor patio area, walk along the seawall and check out some street performers with you.

They also get to ride the Aquabus to the island which is obviously fun for both you and your doggo! 

But the main reason dogs love Granville Island is The Granville Island Pet Treatery. Vancouver's premier pet bakery and boutique is famous for its handmade organic treats which are baked fresh every day and are a big hit with pups.

You can treat your dog to toys, gifts, cute outfits and more! 

6) Bowen Lookout

Every photo we found of dogs at Bowen Lookout, whether big or small, they all looked like they were having the time of their lives. So, we’d say that’s enough evidence for it to be included in our list!

The Bowen Lookout is an amazing viewpoint in West Vancouver, near the Cypress Mountain ski area and overlooking Howe Sound. Dogs are allowed on-leash so this is a great place for you to explore with your pup.

The hike is relatively short with a steep climb which is no problem if you and your doggo love getting active. And the view at the top is worth the climb! 

7) David Lam Park

One of the best things about owning a dog in Vancouver is that pups are welcome in all of its parks. 

David Lam is just one of the many parks that you are guaranteed to find many very happy dogs running around in. It’s a great park for the whole family with sport courts, playgrounds, skyline and water views. 

As we know, all dogs need their exercise and most of them love socialising with their doggy friends so while you relax, your pup can enjoy the park’s spacious grassy area – perfect! 

8) Lighthouse Park

Dogs love getting off-leash and exploring which is why they love Lighthouse Park.

Located in West Vancouver, this is one of the most beautiful scenic parks you’ll see on the West Coast and your dogs will love it just as much as you.

Explore acres of beautiful forest and giant trees while your dog takes in the great outdoors and make sure to stop off at the various viewpoints for some of the best dog photo opportunities in Vancouver!

9) Queen Elizabeth Park

At 152 metres above sea level, the highest point of the city, Queen Elizabeth Park has some amazing views of Vancouver.

And although your dogs probably don’t care much about the views, they love being at your side as you explore the gardens.

Dogs also love the off-leash area, located at 4600 Cambie St, off East 37th Avenue and Columbia Street.

Queen Elizabeth Park is one of the nicest walking areas in the city so if you don’t fancy a hike, it’s a great choice for you and your pup.

10) Pacific Spirit Regional Park

It’s no surprise that dogs love it at Pacific Spirit Regional Park. Over 73 km's of dog friendly trails and 90% of them are off-leash - what's not to love?!

Located next to UBC in the Point Grey neighbourhood, just a 10-minute drive from Downtown Vancouver, Pacific Spirit Regional Park is accessible all year round and is very well equipped for dog owners with poop bag stations and red "poop" bins around the trails.

With forests, creeks, beaches, cliffs and bog, your dog is going to love a trip to this regional park, and so will you as you connect with nature! 

11) Dog Mountain

I mean, it has Dog in the name so obviously we couldn’t leave this one out.

This short hike from Mount Seymour isn’t the easiest and although there isn’t a lot of elevation gain, you do need to watch your step as there are areas of slippery tree roots and lots of rapidly changing terrain. 

Obviously, this just makes it even more fun for dogs! Although they have to be on-leash, they absolutely love the muddy trail and their enthusiasm helps spur their owners on to get to the top.

On a clear day this is going to be one of the best views of Vancouver you can get so grab your hiking boots and take your dog for an adventure!

12) Vancouver Art Gallery 

Dogs aren’t going to enjoy this one as much as their owners, but we just had to include this photo!

Vancouver Art Gallery is recognised as one of North America’s most respected and innovative visual arts institutions and is a very popular spot for tourists and locals. 

So, it’s worth checking out but just make sure to leave your dogs at home and treat them to one of the other 11 places we’ve listed instead! 


We’d love to feature your pictures so if you do take your pups to any of these places, make sure to use #pawswap when you share your cute dog photos! 


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