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Top Pet Sitters in Vancouver Recommended by Local Dog Owners

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

If you're a pet owner in Vancouver, you know that finding a reliable and trustworthy pet sitter can be a daunting task. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to know where to turn for quality care for your furry friends.

Below are the top picks from Vancouver dog owners to make it easier for you to find a pet sitter.

1. Yaletown Puppy Love

What they offer:

Services include group dog and private walks, boarding, puppy visits, and even a dog chauffeur service. Yaletown Puppy Love also offers day-boarding for repeat clients (with some exceptions). Your dog will stay with Tanya in her Yaletown townhouse with 4 or less small-to-medium sized dogs.

Why they’re a favourite:

Known for their boutique-style exclusive service, Yaletown Puppy Love specializes in professional pet care for small-to-medium sized dogs. With years of dog training skills under her belt, Tanya prides herself in training with care, whether on walks or during overnight visits. With a maximum of 4 dogs at a time, Yaletown Puppy Love is the perfect spot for dogs that need that homey experience.

Team size: Tanya, her dog Mila. Two additional team members are available to help out with private walks.

Rate: Visit the website and go through the meet-and-greet section to view all rates, which range from $34 - $78 per night, or walk-rate discounts for longer stays.

2. Playful Pups Doggy Daycare

What they offer:

Kennel-free daytime and overnight boarding for dogs that enjoy the company of other playful dogs.

Why they’re a favourite:

Lacey’s love of dogs shines through her daycare, and shows a true passion for the well-being of animals. The dogs are never left alone, and the space even has a bed set-up for the evenings, where the dogs sleep in an environment that feels like a home space. Here, dogs have a great time, excited when they come in, tails wagging. Lacey has 4 active playgrounds outside, 3 of which have turfs, and a lot of covered areas for those rainy Vancouver days.

Team size: 17 enthusiastic members that Lacey refers to as “aunties and uncles.”


Rates range from $22 - $40 for drop-ins, and packages are available.

Overnight prices range from $50 - $70, with discounts for longer stays.

3. Terra Nova Canine Care

What they offer:

One-on-one home boarding in Tara’s 20-acre lot, with plenty of outdoor space for playing.

Why they’re a favourite:

New to the West Coast, but not new to dog care, Tara has years of pet education behind her. Studying to become a certified trainer, Tara has created a location perfect for dogs that have separation anxiety and require a little more TLC. She believes choice is also important for dogs, so pups are allowed to sleep, eat, and hang out wherever they want.

Team size: Your dog will be boarding with Tara and her Great Dane, Granite.

This is a perfect place for dog owners that get stressed about leaving their dogs overnight.

Rate: Terra Nova has a $55/night rate, with an extra dog charge of $15/night. Some discounts are available for weekly stays.

4. Ruth's Pet Hotel

What they offer:

Ruth has in-home boarding in a 5-acre lot where your dog can run around and play with other pups. Here, dogs sleep in crates, with Ruth’s house attached to the sleeping area.

Why they’re a favourite:

Ruth has almost 20 years experience in the pet-sitting world. Her space is the perfect set-up for dogs that love playtime with others. Her goal is to have your dog come home completely tuckered out from a day of fun play.

Team size: 4 dog-loving members

Rate: Prices range from $20 - $45, and include a doggy bath.

5. Hey! Shake a Paw

What they offer:

Besides having a cool name, Hey Shake a Paw offers walks, (maximum two dogs at a time), and overnight house sitting in your own home - perfect for dogs that prefer minimal change in environment.

Why they’re a favourite:

The owner, Phillipe, likes to keep dogs in their element. He offers on-and off-leash hiking adventures, while using a GPS tracker to ensure your dog is always on his radar. Keeping consistent with this close watch, he offers overnight services in your home as well.

Team size: Team of one

Rates: $30 for a 90 minute solo walk, on (or off) leash leash with your permission.

Bathroom breaks, either in your backyard or a short walk: $20.

Inquire about house sitting rates and offers,


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