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This new app makes finding dog-friendly places in Vancouver easier than ever

Planning days with your pup just got easier with PawSwap app - a guide to stores, restaurants, events and more that welcome your pups.

If you're tired of having to leave your dog at home while going out and about in Vancouver, this new app is exactly what you've been waiting for.

The new and improved PawSwap app makes finding dog-friendly locations in your city easier than ever, and it's already available to download for free from the App Store.

With PawSwap's ultimate dog-friendly city guide, you can now discover all of the dog-friendly restaurants, coffee shops, clothing stores, hair salons and more near you, along with all their doggy-friendly details, so leaving your pup at home can be a thing of the past!

Simply tap on a location on the map, and you'll see if your dog can come inside with you, hang out on the patio or be tied up nearby, if they're free to roam off-leash – and even if the location offers special treats for your pups!

The team doesn't just think that dogs should be allowed, they think you should be rewarded for bringing them along with you which is why they've included an in-app rewards system.

Users can Collect Points at each dog-friendly location they visit, save them up and swap them out for treats that humans and their pups will both love. The more Points you collect, the bigger the rewards.

Tired of 'No Dogs Allowed' signs, Vancouver company PawSwap has also partnered with dog-loving businesses to bring you special events and activities where dogs are always allowed - and you can check them all out inside the app.

"With an estimated 150,000 dog owners in Vancouver, and as dog owners ourselves, we launched two years ago with one mission in mind - to find a solution for needing to leave our dogs home alone. While connecting people with each other to exchange pet sitting did work, it still left us wondering this entire time if there was a better solution.  And then all of a sudden, it clicked,” said Aliya Bhatia, CEO and Co-founder of PawSwap.

"We realized why it was so painful to ask friends and family to watch our dogs. It wasn’t because it was awkward, or because we felt guilty - it was because we simply didn’t want to leave our dogs behind. And now with our new app, you don't need to."

Beginning with Downtown Vancouver, the app will be expanding into more neighbourhoods, and across Canada in the coming weeks.

So whether you want to grab lunch with friends, do a bit of shopping or run some errands, with PawSwap App, you can say goodbye to leaving your pup home alone.

Available to download today on the App Store. Android users can join the App waitlist today.



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