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These Vancouver companies win April Fools' Day with hilarious dog-themed pranks

Rent-a-pet menu add-on, or Birthday Pupcake scented poop bags anyone?

We could all do with a laugh this week, so April Fools' Day couldn't have come had a better time!

As always, Vancouver companies pulled out the stops for some elaborate April Fools' Day pranks this year, and here are just a few that had us laughing this morning.

Although these new products aren't real, if the comments are anything to go by, they'd go down a storm if they were on sale.

1. Fresh Prep had some local dog owners fooled with their new rent-a-pet menu add-on.

2. These vanilla buttercream scented poop bags were going down a treat this morning.

3. Salmon flavoured coffee for your pup? Sounds like a good idea!

4. This local candle company was going to swap its passion for dogs, for rocks instead, but their followers were still ready to put in some orders!

5. Think this SixDaySocks™ infused scent could be a hit?

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