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Say hello to the 15 best dressed Christmas dogs in Vancouver

Tis the season of stylish pups wearing their holiday best - and these photos are too cute not to share.

OK, so maybe our dogs don’t love putting on a sweater. But dressing up your dog for a quick Christmas picture makes for a ho-ho-holly photo op that's too good to miss - and these photos are the proof.

OhMyDog! took a deep dive into Instagram and chose some of our favourite local dogs in their holiday threads.

As the Christmas carol asks: do you see what I see? Because we see a whole lotta cute here.

1. Judging from her online profile, Nikita is a dog that owns a lot of clothes. And because she’s used to playing dress-up, this Shiba Inu can rock this cozy Canadian ensemble.

2. Trying her best to look more nice than naughty, Kuma the Boston Terrier falls somewhere in the middle of Santa and Rudolf in this getup.

3. Bruno here knows it’s really the elf that does all the hard work at Christmas.

4. “If I wear this thing, can I have another treat?”

5. Ok guys, it’s late and it’s your bedtime. Santa won’t come for dogs who go to bed grumpy.

6. We can’t tell if this dog is posing nicely, or simply can’t move in this tight sweater.

7. Moose is a rescued Golden Retriever who lights up his adoptive family’s home all year round.

8. Kuma the Maltese already has the colouring for Santa Claus. The jolly hat and collar just seal the deal.

9. Honey the Golden Retriever clearly takes pride in this outfit. There just aren’t enough Christmas parties out there to show it off.

10. This is the stuff of classic Christmas cards. And this pup is a big sport.

11. Bella is clearly the belle of the ball during holidays. Either that or Elmo has just swallowed her.

12. Mochi might be competing in his office’s Ugly Christmas Sweater contest...but we think he looks dashing.
13. “Alright, Elf on the Shelf. You saw nothing, OK? I ain’t gonna let you rat on me. I will be getting my Christmas stocking this year.”

14. The calendar behind you says one more day of this, Bentley. One more day...

15. Stanley the Weiner Dog is a Vancouver dachshund and a total Instagram ham. Here, he rocks a hooded knit sweater with designer antlers, showing off his cutting-edge holiday fashion sense.


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