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Local shelter is urgently seeking 7 very special households to foster dogs in need

The Regional Animal Protection Society is searching for experienced foster families urgently needed for 7 special 'diamonds in the rough'.

Do you have experience with large dog breeds or know someone that does?

The Regional Animal Protection Society is urgently seeking experienced dog people with specific skills to help some very special dogs in need.

The no-kill charitable organization that operates the City of Richmond Animal Shelter, has 7 dogs who need fostering and/or foster-to-adopt situations immediately, and is asking for suitable candidates to help them keep their no-kill promise to these wonderful animals.

"As construction begins on the new City of Richmond Animal Shelter, the RAPS contract to operate the Shelter ends on January 31," writes RAPS on its website.

The organization goes on to explain that while cats and small animals will be moved to the temporary RAPS Animal Shelter, experienced dog people are needed to take in seven special dogs.

The dogs are all large breeds, and have some range of reactively to other dogs and/or people, meaning that the ideal candidates to foster or adopt these pups will have very specific skills.

RAPS is looking for homes that:

  • Have large breed experience – preferably power/bully breed experience

  • Ideally have reactivity experience to both dogs and new people

  • That have calm/confident handlers that will set up structure and boundaries

  • Have no small children – 16 years and up

  • No other dogs

  • No cats or small animals

'Diamonds in the rough'

The available dogs, described as 'diamonds in the rough' by RAPS include Baloo, a 1 year and 7 month-old Rottweiler, Nikita, a 1-year-old Pit Bull Terrier, Chester, a 2 year and 10 month-old Wheaten Terrier & Poodle Mix, Bumble, a 1-year-old Pit Bull Terrier & Dogo Argentino Mix, and Sunny, a 5-year-old Shepherd.

RAPS, has a no-kill philosophy that allows these dogs, who might have been euthanized in other jurisdictions according to the website, to live out their lives in a proper home adoption setting.

Anyone who meets the criteria can learn more about each of the dogs on the RAPS PetFinder page, as well as find adorable photos of these very special dogs.

All expenses for the dogs (including veterinary care and food) will be covered by RAPS during the foster period, and in order to find long term homes for these special animals, foster families will be asked to bring them to veterinary appointments and meet-and-greets with potential adopters as required, More information can be found here.

If you know a special family who can take on this responsibility for six months (or more), you can contact RAPS here, email or fill in the online application.


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