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Pooch-themed Christmas gifts for the dog-mad person in your life

If you have a loved one who's a total dog nut, these quirky gifts might just make the perfect present this festive season.

(Photo: Julia Volk)

We all know someone in our lives who is totally obsessed with dogs, whether that's your friend who created a dedicated Instagram account for their pup, a co-worker who insists on their dog being present on Zoom video calls, or the parent who treats their pooch like another child once their other children have flown the nest.

Whoever they are, make them feel extra special this holiday season with a pooch-related present that will be sure to bring a smile to their face on Christmas morning.

1. A mini dog treat maker

(Photo: Indigo/Dash)

Give the dog lover in your life the gift of giving with this adorable treat maker that creates up to 6 bone-shaped dog treats at a time. Whether it's for their own pup or they just love baking, this one will be sure to hit the spot.

Price: $29.50

2. A dog stationary set

Being dog mad doesn't mean you have to be unorganised - in fact, those with dogs can be far more settled in a routine than those without! Gift your dog lover this cute stationary set - complete with Dachshund paper clips - this Christmas. It even comes in a sweet gingerbread house-style gift box, so you don't even have to wrap it (if you don't want to!).

Price: $19.50

3. An embroidered pooch cushion

(Photo: Anthropologie)

For lovers of luxury (and pups) this dog-adorned cushion is a perfect purchase for the house-proud dog parent or lover in your life. Even better - when you visit their home you can prop yourself up on this comfy beauty!

Price: $90

4. A DIY cross stitch dog collar

Who says all gifts should be ready made when they're unwrapped? For the creative dog lover in your life, this DIY cross stitch dog collar is the ideal gift this festive season. Featuring night-friendly reflective thread, recipients of this thoughtful gift can stitch their dog's name, or a funky design, into the cute cream collar included.

Price: $16

5. A book on how to help your dog live a long and healthy life

(Photo: Indigo)

The authors of this book travelled the world collecting wisdom from top geneticists, microbiologists and longevity researchers, and even interviewed people whose dogs have lived into their twenties and even thirties. We all want our pups to stick around with us as long as possible, so snap up this New York Times bestseller for the dog parent in your life as soon as you can - it's even on sale! Honestly - who wouldn't want this gift?!

Price: On sale at $20

6. A pair of super cute dog socks

(Photo: Hudson's Bay)

These adorable socks for little ones feature sweet cartoon pups printed onto the design. These cute socks - which come in grey as well as pink - are on sale at the moment and make a perfect stocking stuffer for the dog-obsessed child in your life.

Price: On sale at $3.75

7. An adorable mug

(Photo: Indigo)

A fun gift for canine loving humans, this sweet-messaged mug will make you smile whenever you have a sip of a hot drink from it, and will remind you just how much dogs love us as we love them.

Price: $14

8. A pair of dog-printed PJ shorts

(Photo: Victoria's Secret)

As often as socks are given at Christmas, so are PJs, so why not treat your dog-mad loved one with these purple flannel boxy shorts from Victoria's Secret?

Price: $26.77

9. This fancy wine bottle holder

(Photo: Anthropologie)

For the lover of all things decadent, splash out on this modern and sleek Dachshund wine bottle holder to make a perfect accompaniment at any dinner party. Made with golden hand-crafted aluminium, this particular piece of bar wear will be a definite conversation starter.

Price: $118

10. A dog toboggan wine holder

(Photo: Anthropologie)

Yes, this list includes not one but TWO wine holders. The best thing about this one? The fact that it's not only Christmas-themed, but there's three golden dogs riding it! If drinking wine couldn't get any cuter with this, then we don't know what will.

Price: $128

11. Dog Mom and Dog Dad candles

(Photo: Etsy)

Get your pooch-mad loved one a handmade pumpkin candle this Christmas - it even comes with this beautiful watercolour Labrador design. You can even edit the labels to say something completely different.

Price: $6.81

12. A dog breeds tea towel

(Photo: Anthropologie)

This beautifully designed tea towel with hand-painted dog breeds - in alphabetical order - is a perfect gift for the house proud dog parent in your life, especially one who loves using their kitchen more than anywhere else in the house.

Price: $22

13. A Dachshund table lamp

(Photo: Anthropologie)

Splash out on this OTT Dachshund dog lamp for your dog-mad loved one this Christmas. Made with steel and with a crushed royal velvet shade, this exemplifies statement lighting in one doggy art piece.

Price: $248

14. This heart-warming sign for your home

(Photo: The Nooks)

If your dog-loving friend or family member didn't already need to state the obvious, this adorable sign from Hoekstra Decor at The Nooks will definitely let any guest know exactly who runs the house.

Price: $42

15. A 3D leash holder

(Photo: The Nooks)

Get your favourite dog parent a dedicated space to hang all their dog leads with this adorable Woof leash holder, created by Made in a Barn and for sale on The Nooks website.

Price: $25

16. A curtain tie-back

(Photo: Anthropologie)

This sweet and unassuming curtain tie back is the perfect gift for the dog-lover who doesn't want to be in people's faces about it. This brass Greyhound addition should be the ideal addition to any sleek home.

Price: $48

17. A dog squad 2021-22 planner

(Photo: Anthropologie)

Everyone needs a planner right? For even the toughest Secret Santa, this sweet watercolour-painted annual planner makes a fantastic stocking stuffer and will be sure to put a smile on their face.

Price: On sale at $19.95

18. Dalmatian wallpaper

If the dog lover in your life is a new homeowner or is looking to revamp their pad, this statement Dalmatian print could be just what they need for that extra level of elegance.

Price: $58 for one roll that covers 56 sq ft


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