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New Vancouver pet sitting service focuses on a personalized experience

It can be a challenge finding a dog walker in Vancouver that you can trust with your fur baby. Somebody who you feel comfortable leaving your dog with, who is reliable, and who has your dog’s best interest at heart.

This article was sponsored by Bark Avenue Dog Adventures

At PawSwap, we follow all things dog related extremely closely and we know how hard it is to find a dog walker in the city which is why we highly recommend Bark Avenue Dog Adventures. The company was founded by Ava and Taylor who have a combined 5 years of experience in the industry. They both came from other dog walking companies that didn’t create a personalized experience— something they felt was necessary for a successful dog walking company. A lot of dog walking companies take up to 10 dogs in a single group walk whereas Ava and Taylor only take a maximum of 4. Having smaller groups allows Ava and Taylor to focus more on the individual dog and therefore can create a better connection with both the dogs and owners. They have experience with all types of breeds, ages, and sizes.

“We treat every dog like they are our own,”

Ava said, who is originally from Edmonton but moved to Vancouver in 2017 while Taylor grew up in Maple Ridge and now also lives in Vancouver. Both grew up in dog households and they are excited to work with the animals they love each day. Their passion for dogs is evident and as a personalized, local company, they like to connect with their clients (both human and the four-legged variety), often exchanging text and photographs on the weekend of what they are up to.

“I love working with the animals. I worked in an office for my young adult life as a receptionist and I started working with dogs when I moved out to Vancouver here,” Taylor said. “And I just knew that I could never go back to sitting in an office again and on a computer. That just wasn’t for me. I absolutely love that I get a chance to work with dogs and be outside.

Bark Avenue Dog Adventures will take almost any dog, but they specialize in dogs with reactivity issues and high anxiety. They also love working with rescues which can be a challenge for even the most experienced dog walker.

“We really love those kinds of dogs, especially once we do break through and make huge strides. We form really deep connections with them and great connections with the owners too,” Ava said.

No matter what type of dog they work with, the team at Bark Avenue takes things slowly, never putting a dog into an uncomfortable situation or environment. They usually start off with private walks so they can connect with the dog and learn about how they react in certain situations. Once the dog becomes accustomed, they will slowly integrate them into the group walks.

Thirty-minute private walks are $30 while 1-hour group hikes start at $33. They also offer hourly pet sitting that starts at $85 an hour. Check out their website for more information.

Quick scan of services:

What do you offer?

Here at Bark Avenue we offer lots of different pet care options!

Overnight in home pet sitting.

It can be stressful for animals when their owners are away so we find staying in their own home helps alleviate some of that anxiety. We like to stick to your pups regular routine as much as possible and will provide walks, play time, and of course lots of love & cuddles.

Day pet sitting.

Need someone to hang out with your pup for a few hours while you’re at work?

Drop in hourly.

We also offer drop in hourly pet sitting, this can include a walk, feeding and play time!


We offer a variety of different walking services too! We do 1 hour, small group walks at pacific spirit park, max 3-4 dogs/group. This can be on or off leash, depending on preference and how well the dogs recall is. We like to keep the groups small so that the dogs can be closely monitored and have more time for playing with their pals!! We will pick up & drop off the dogs at home or at the office! Groups are based on who gets along best, so you can be sure your pup is always hanging out with their BFFs.

If you think a group walk might be too overstimulating for your pup, we also offer 1 hour private walks at pacific spirit park. This can be on or off leash. We will also pick up and drop off at home or the office.

Private walks.

Lastly, we offer private neighbourhood walks with a 30 minute option or a 1 hour option.

Why do your clients love you?

Our love and care for our clients dogs goes above and beyond your regular dog care provider. Your dogs are our dogs, and every client becomes part of the family. Taylor and I have dogs ourselves who have absolutely saved our lives. We understand how important and loved each dog is and make sure they are given the same amount of love & respect while in our care.

Our clients also love the funny pictures & videos we take on our walks. It’s so nice to see your dogs having a great time while you’re at work or on a vacation!!


Every new client must book a meet & greet with us beforehand. We will come to your home and get to know our clients and their dogs a bit better to ensure we are booking the best service for your pups. We have experience with all types of breeds, sizes, ages and reactivity levels. Please don’t hold back on any information about your dogs, all info is good info. We are force free and positive reinforcement.

How many other dogs are typically around while in your care?

In home sitting is the dog (or dogs) who live in the household. We charge $10/night for any additional dogs in the household. Private walks are typically solo, but we can add another dog in the household for an additional $15/walk. Group walks are 3-4 dogs with 1 walker handling them.

Where are you located?

We service UBC through to Mount Pleasant as well as Yaletown and the West End. Our official service area goes from UBC - Clark drive and from West End/Yaletown to W 41st. Pet sitting is at your own home. Private walks can be in your neighbourbood or at pacific spirit park. Group walks are at pacific spirit park

What is your teams size?

Our team includes myself (Ava) and my lovely friend & business partner, Taylor. My rescue dog, Ginger regularly joins the group walks!

What are your rates?

Over night pet sitting - $85/night +$10/extra dog.

Drop in pet sitting - $30/hour +$15/extra dog.

Group walk - $33/dog.

Private park walk - $40/hour +$15/extra dog.

Private neighbour walk - $28/30 mins +$10/extra dog, $35/hour +$15/extra dog.

What if you have to leave for a little while?

We may have to run out for a couple hours to do walks or run errands. We will not be gone longer than 3 hours. Dogs sleep in their own beds! Or wherever the owner allows them to sleep. We follow your regular routine as much as possible

Booking link or contact information Send us a message through our website!

Exclusive Offer:

20% off your first service.

This article was sponsored by Bark Avenue Dog Adventures


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