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Local dog owners share adorable pup pics to celebrate Love Your Pet Day

In honour of National Love Your Pet Day this weekend, we're celebrating some picture perfect Vancouver dogs. Do you recognize any furry faces?

Did you know that February 20, 2021 is National Love Your Pet Day? If we ever needed an extra excuse to spoil our four-legged friends, this weekend is the perfect occasion as dog owners everywhere observe National Love Your Pet Day - a holiday that encourages pampering our pets and focusing on the special relationship they hold in our lives.

So don't forget to spend some quality time with your dog this weekend and give them some much-deserved love and attention. In celebration, we asked our PawSwap members to send us their favourite photos of their pup, and here are just a few adorable Vancouver dogs bringing joy to their owners' lives. Also, check out some fun ideas on how to mark the occasion yourself below!

10-year-old Watson
7-month-old Huxley
5-month-old Niska
Minnie |

Celebrate with your pup

Not sure how to celebrate? Here are a few ideas of things you can do to mark the occasion!

Happy Love Your Pet Day!


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