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Legendary police dog known for $2m drug bust hangs up harness for the last time

RCMP dog Garner is now looking forward to a happy and healthy retirement - with plenty of ball chasing on the horizon.

German Shepherd police dog sits with RCMP officer
Garner on his final shift (Photo | RCMP)

A "legendary" RCMP police dog best known for a $2m drug bust has hung up his harness for the final time after nearly six years of dedicated service to the Lower Mainland.

Garner, a German Shepherd who worked for the RCMP's Lower Mainland Integrated Police Dog Service, completed his final shift with the squad on January 11 after a memorable career with his handler Constable Chris Cottrill - a Delta police officer.

The dedicated pooch, known for his "thunderous bark and handsome face", had 246 successful arrests under his belt during his six year career, with the tracking, locating and capture of three murder suspects in two separate, real time events included in that tally.

A statement from the RCMP said Garner's "drive and desire to work was unmatched", and that he was "especially proud" of his largest single drugs bust, where he intercepted $2m worth of narcotics that were smuggled across the border into Canada.

German Shepherd police dog sits to the right of several bags filled with narcotics that were intercepted in a border drug bust
Garner sits alongside the $2m drug haul that catapulted him into legendary status (Photo | RCMP)

Garner was also known for his unshakeable loyalty and fearless demeanour, having courageously saved his handler's life on several occasions.

An RCMP spokesperson said: "Whether he was whining out of excitement or spinning to get out of the truck to chase the bad guys, Garner’s energy and presence will be greatly missed by his colleagues on the IPDS team.

"His retirement will no doubt be filled with a lot of well-deserved rest and his favourite pastimes of two-ball (playing fetch with two balls—by the time he brings the ball to his handler’s feet, another ball is already airborne) and swimming."

Garner's days of chasing down criminals may be over, but now the lucky pooch is said to be looking forward to a happy and healthy retirement with his family - with handler Chris planning to train another dog in the near future too.


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