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Dreaming of your next roadtrip? Here's how to plan a perfect pup-friendly campervan getaway in B.C.

These 6 activities will make your next campervan adventure one you and your dog will never forget.

Are you already dreaming of your next getaway? In a press conference last week, Bonnie Henry stated that if things go according to plan, B.C could be in a post-pandemic world by this summer, and it's safe to say that it's got us all a little excited about a potential summer getaway.

While a tropical vacation isn't looking too realistic any time soon, you can start planning for your next campervan adventure in B.C now - and even better, your furry best friend can join you.

Camping and RVing reached mega levels in 2020 - and for good reason. What better way to scratch your travel itch than in a self-contained hotel room on wheels, with lots of fresh air and your pup by your side?

We may have a while to wait before travel restrictions are lifted, but if you're looking ahead, and are ready to start planning your next adventure with your pup, we've got you covered!

With the help of Dave Wald, fellow dog-owner and Managing Partner Karma Campervans - a local dog-friendly campervan rental company - we've compiled a guide to exploring B.C that will guarantee a campervan adventure you'll never forget.

1. Surfing the Tofino Coastline

Those nostalgic photos of VW buses adorning a well-beaten surfboard on top are what van-life dreams are made of. Luckily, our BC coastline is home to some of the best surfing in Canada. Simply hit up a local Tofino surf shop or rental outfit for some gear, book your guide, point your GPS and cruise on over. You'll want to pre-book campsites as they get snatched up quickly and with many National and Provincial parks on the island, free camping is sparse.

Just make sure you're not too tired out when you're done hitting the waves, as your pup will love to explore the many dog-friendly beaches in Tofino!

2. Winery and Brewery Hunting

Western Canada is brimming with wineries and breweries just waiting to be discovered, Alberta and BC alone have over 320 breweries, 929 vineyards and over 360 wineries - and did you know that many wineries in B.C are actually dog-friendly?

Many of these are in areas loaded with campgrounds or good free camping options nearby, and you can even camp at some orchards.

More and more campervan renters plan their trips around the ale trails each year and have nothing but great things to say, checking one more thing off their bucket list.

Need some inspiration? Check out this blog post by Karma Campervans. Although your pup may not enjoy the produce quite as much as you, they'll love being by your side, and the beautiful wineries make for great pup-photo ops.

3. Historical Landmark Spotting

B.C. is teaming with historic landmarks and places of Indigenous significance that are 100% worth checking out this year. These types of road trips are best done when you want a relaxing vacay away from the big city. Take a gander online for local heritage, pin it on the Google maps, then let the discovery begin!

4. Exploring Manning Park

Whether it's canoeing on Lightning Lake, taking a walk along the stunning Heather Trail or a more challenging hike up Frosty Mountain, or enjoying a sunset stroll around the Lightning Lake Loop, when it comes to Manning Park, your dog will enjoy this adventure just as much as you.

Manning Park is a great spot to spend a few relaxing days in nature away from the hustle and bustle of the city with your pup, and with a long list of activities you can both enjoy, you can spend some quality time together. After all, they deserve it after being such great quarantine buddies for the past year!

5. Dockside Chilling

Hot summer days or cooler off-season camping by the lake can offer the most beautiful sunsets, daytime chilling on the dock or beach, and evening walks along the water.

Bonus... BC is home to thousands of lakes, and many of these have campsites or free camping options. A quick search online and you'll be able to find great options within a few hours drive from Vancouver. We could all do with some relaxation after the past year, so this is the perfect opportunity to switch off and chill out with your favourite furry friend.

6. Visiting Family

It may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think 'Campervan Adventure' but it's actually a great way to visit family at their place, while also keeping a safe distance. Dave and the team at Karma Campervans have heard from many guests who visited family with a campervan last summer and “camped” on their driveway. This way, you get to say hi to Momma and maintain some privacy at the same time - and let's face it, your pup is going to love all the extra attention!

WIN A ULTIMATE GLAMPING PACKAGE including a 3-night stay courtesy of Karma Campervans

PawSwap has teamed up with Karma Campervans as part of its Hoppy Hound activity this month, with one lucky participant winning an Ultimate Glamping Package worth over $1600.

Until March 31, 2021, dog owners can earn entries to two exciting prize draws when visiting select breweries with their pup, or ordering for pick up to enjoy at home.

The winner of the ‘Top Entrants’ draw will receive The Ultimate Hoppy Hound Glamping Package, which also includes a 3 night stay courtesy of Karma Campervans ($1600+ value).

"A campervan road trip like this is an ideal way to adventure locally with your four-legged family member, allow yourself a breath of fresh air, and self-isolate at the same time", said Dave Wald, Managing Partner of Karma Campervans.

Hoppy Hound QR codes can be found at each brewery that once scanned, will give directions to automatically enter dog owners into the ‘All Entrants’ prize draw. If you prefer to enjoy your beer at home right now, just remember to scan the QR code when you arrive to pick up your order.

Participants can complete additional virtual tasks through the Hoppy Hound website, or visit other Hoppy Hound breweries to earn more entries. Dog owners with 65 entries or more will qualify for the main prize draw, courtesy of Karma Campervans.

About Karma Campervans

Launched in 2018 and with a fleet of nearly 50 units, Karma Campervans offers discerning adventurers a modern-rustic and simple way to road trip around Western Canada and the US. The Canadian company has made it easy for locals and inbound travellers to enjoy camping whenever and wherever they like with all-season, 100% off-grid campers, and a convenient automated rental process. With Depots in Calgary and Vancouver (Richmond), Karma Campervans is one of the largest custom-manufactured rental outfits of its kind in Western Canada.


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