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New tactical-style collar comes with lifetime warranty now on sale

BREAKING NEWS: new tactical-style collar comes with lifetime warranty now on sale! *sponsored

A good dog collar needs to be safe, properly sized, comfortable, and be durable enough for your

dog’s lifestyle. If you choose the right dog collar, it will last longer and be safer for you and your

dog. Too often dog collars are cheap, wear against your dog’s fur and don’t last nearly long

enough. A Canadian company, founded by two dog lovers, is aiming to change the entire pet

industry by introducing longer-lasting, durable and better-quality products. They have recently

introduced military-grade collars designed for dogs that love seeking adventure and romping

through the wilderness into their lineup.

Wanderlust Creatures is expecting that their dog collars, called Expedition Collars, will be flying

off the shelf. The Expedition Collars are rust-proof, made from indestructible nylon, and come

with a lifetime warranty – a first in the pet industry – perfect for any type of dog, but are

specially made for dogs that like to rough-house, swim, and run across rugged terrain. They retail

between $39.99 and $44.99, depending on the size. These collars are great for pets of all sizes – from Beagles to Saint Bernard’s – and come in three colours:

● Harbour: a grey-blue Earth tone

● Juniper: an olive-green Earth tone

● Umber: a red-brown Earth tone.

No Ordinary Dog Collars

Wanderlust Creatures has gotten a lot of attention as of late, most notably from Michele

Romanow, star of Canada’s Shark Tank (Dragon’s Den) and a powerhouse entrepreneur.

Romanow has funded Wanderlust, in part, through her venture capital company Clearco. Trevor

and Monique learned a lot from Romanow’s mentorship and have built up their small company

into a powerhouse for dog owners.

Like a lot of companies, they have had to focus their efforts selling their products online and

with the help of Romanow have found huge success in the online market now selling across

Canada. The company started with homemade, custom pet tags. The Wanderlust name says it all: made for dogs who love to explore the great Canadian outdoors, whether it’s swimming in lakes, running through woods or even playing in the snow. And with more Canadians spending their summers camping and exploring all that this vast country has to offer, the Expedition Collars are sure to be hot items.

“We want you to be able to wander fearlessly with your pet, says Monique. With the Expedition

Collar, you’ll never have to worry about your dog breaking their collar or getting lost and not

getting returned.

The Story Behind Wanderlust Creatures

Wanderlust Creatures is the lovechild of Trevor and Monique, who are partners in life and in

business. It comes to no one’s surprise that they are both passionate dog lovers and advocates for pets of all kinds. The company started as a passion project for these two pet owners who were frustrated that no matter what pet products, they bought for their two German Shepherd/Huskies, Coheed and Atlas, the products would either break or quickly wear down. Trevor and Monique would try to return these collars, but the manufacturer wouldn’t stand behind their products. They decided that if they couldn’t find high-quality pet products, they would create them instead. Trevor and Monique took over a year to design, create, and test the Expedition Collar to ensure it met their high standards and was a product that they could be proud of selling to pet owners. They figured that their own rambunctious dogs would be the perfect test subjects as they tried the Expedition Collar in all types of environments and found it held up perfectly under all conditions.

“Our mantra for this company is to treat others how you want to be treated,” Monique says.

Great Customer service and quality products are at the core of their company and are at the heart of everything they do. When you purchase either a dog tag or an Expedition Collar you know their products are made with the finest materials. In addition, the collars have a quick-release snap design so you can easily get the collar on and off your dog. This is great not only for safety but is easier for high-energy dogs who won’t sit still for long.

When it came to the look and style of the collars, as avid campers and outdoor explorers

themselves, Trevor and Monique were inspired by Canada’s vast and beautiful landscape. They

incorporated Trevor’s home of Alberta and the Rocky Mountains with Monique’s home of Nova

Scotia and the sprawling Atlantic Ocean into the design of their collars and the logo.

Giving Back To Local Communities

Both Trevor and Monique are strong believers in ensuring the manufacturing process and the

package has minimum impact on the environment. They carefully source their materials to

ensure the companies that they buy from are sustainable and have the highest ethical standards. It is part of the philosophy of the company as they wish to preserve the Canadian landscape for

future generations and dog owners, which is why part proceeds from their collars will go to the

World Wildlife Fund, the Calgary Humane Society and the Nova Scotia SPCA. They picked

these organizations because it represents both Trevor and Monique’s homes while also helping

out globally.

The Expedition Collar is a well-rounded collar that is perfect no matter what your dog is into. If

your dog is a high-energy puppy and needs some training, if your dog likes to socialize with

other dogs or even a senior dog that is getting on in years, the Expedition Collar will last you


No matter what, Wanderlust Creatures puts the safety and the care of your dog first. If you’re at

all curious about Wanderlust Creatures and would like to learn more, visit their website and if

you’d like to purchase one of their brand-new dog collars, you get a special discount, but the

offer is only open until Monday so click here to purchase today.


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