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Bored pup? Here are 6 fun ways to keep your dog entertained during lockdown

Struggling to keep your pup entertained lately? Try these fun and easy ideas to get their tails wagging.

Lockdown measures have impacted all of our daily routines, and that includes our furry friends.

With more time indoors, owners working from home full time, less socializing with other pups and the various other changes brought about by the pandemic, dogs have had to adjust to a 'new normal' too.

If you're struggling to find ways to entertain your bored pup and feel guilty every time they give you those puppy dog eyes lately, you're not alone.

Good news is that there are lots of fun and simple ways to keep your pup busy while also staying safe.

Here are 6 fun ways to keep your dog entertained during lockdown that you can start trying straight away!

1. Start your day with play

Before starting your workday, get up that little bit earlier so you can give your pup some attention and time, and also wear off some of their energy.

Getting your heart rate up is a great way to start you and your dog's day, so give your pup some morning playtime with a game of tug-of-war or an indoor ball chase.

2. Create indoor games

Your pup needs some mental and physical stimulation throughout the day, so create some fun indoor games for them to play.

Dogs love scavenger hunts, so make one by hiding their favourites treats in different rooms of your house. Find an area in your home and hide a few treats for your dog to 'search and sniff.'

How long you want your dog to be occupied for depends on how difficult you make the hiding spots, but this is a fantastic way to keep your pup entertained - and you can get some laughs too watching them search.

If you've got a spare cardboard box and toilet paper tube lying around, then try out these 8 simple and creative games shared by Dog's Trust that will keep even the most fed up pup entertained!

3. Take a break

If you're working from home and your pup has been staring longingly at you with those adorable puppy dog eyes, take a break and give them some attention!

Take a little time out to snuggle on the couch or give them some belly rubs while you have the opportunity. For many, lockdown has meant that you're now at home all day, so make the most of it by strengthening your bond with your dog - it won't last forever!

4. Teach your dog a new trick

Now is the perfect time to teach your dog some new tricks! It's fun, something you can do together and will benefit you both in the long run. These basic tricks are a great place to start if your pup doesn't already have them mastered.

  • Sit and Stay - A classic command. If this is executed properly it can be useful in many situations

  • Leave It - Good for playtime and when they’ve got a hold of something dangerous or not for them

  • Settle - This is very beneficial for an over-active, excitable or anxious pup who needs some direction from time to time

  • Come - Basic recall is important in order to feel comfortable letting your dog off-leash tp get the exercise they need.

You can also find some easy tricks to teach your dog in this helpful blog post by

5. Take a walk locally

We all need to stay close to home currently, but fresh air is hugely important for your mood and wellbeing, and your pup needs exercise too! Luckily there's lot of places to walk your dog locally that will be a lot of fun for you both.

Whether it's a local dog park, or a dog-friendly winter hike near Vancouver, get outdoors with your pup and wear off some of their energy, while also getting some much needed fresh air for yourself!

If you need some extra motivation to get outdoors this January, make sure to check out PawSwap's Hikes & Trails Challenge, giving dog owners a chance to win a huge prize worth over $1700 for exploring B.C hikes.

6. Try an online dog yoga class

Your pup loves when you do things together, so why not try something a little different that you can both enjoy! Keep you mind and body active and work out alongside your pup with an online dog yoga class. It might not be the first thing to spring to mind when you think of dog friendly activities to do indoors, but it's a great way to exercise, and bond, with each other.

There are lots of dog yoga videos available online that you can follow along with - we love this one.


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